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  1. On SL2 viewer, under pref>privacy, I cannot uncheck the "Only friends can call or IM me" option. As such, I am unable to receive IMs from people unless we are friends or in a group together. People tell me to check my IMs and they are not getting through, ugh! How can I allow my viewer to uncheck this option that is not available to me currently? TIA
  2. The problem was in the debug menu, I had apparently switched Debug AvatarResTime to false. Reseting it to default True stopped the notices. I feel better already!
  3. I just noticed it coming up in nearby chat screen too,fwiw....
  4. Well, under Develop (v2) none of the consoles or infos were checked. It's coming up in a smaller chat window on the right side, with inventory/appearance open they scroll up the middle of the screen. Not sure what I did but it's dragging things down...I'm thinking a full reinstall will get me back on fastest, he ponders fearlessly unaware of the consequences before him. Thanks for the help, Rolig!
  5. I am using the latest SL viewer and chose to rebake textures. Since then, my screen is bombarded with notifications about how long every rebaking took and every new av I can't see because my screen is scrolling with these notices that I can't close fast enough. How can I turn off the notifications? Will this process stop or slow down?
  6. Ditto that! This was exactly what I needed and here's why. I'm stuck away on a work laptop that I don't have admin priveleges over and I really wanted to just get a note and link to a friend while it was still Easter Sunday. It's been nagging me and I really couldn't leave to access another computer. With this viewer tip I was able to: 1- I could easily get to inworld IM without installing any program by running the non-installer .exe version of Radegast, eliminating the unpriveleged user limitation. Dude! and *B*- After shooting off the IM in less time (including download) than it takes me to open SL, login, connect, res and wait for the barrage of graphic notes and chat alerts to send an IM....I realized I had full access to my inventory and objects which makes for verrry easy spring cleaning of my hoarding pile. This was the mega bonus of this solution. I always have trouble with organizing in SL viewer and this interface is really simple (just like me!) I can open up a huge inventory list and zip through with delete and down arrow(to skip/save) and really get something done. I really have way too many women's clothes and accessories for a healthy male avatar. Sad but true. Thanks again, Peewee!
  7. Thanks Cinna, that helps too. Now what if I have nothing in my inbox but I want to initiate compose a new message. How do I get to the message composition feature without seeing that envelope indicating incoming mail? Anyone? tia....
  8. OK, I am really embarrased but I cannot find the Send/Receive Messages page on the SL website. I want to send a message while not inworld. How come I cannot find this? Should be easier. (He says hoping the powers that B are listening) TIA for any guidance to get me to where I can send my friend an Easter greeting from SL website!
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