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  1. why does it matter LL will do the same as ehy did with teen grid they will close SL jsut as they did with teen grid after they said they would not close it
  2. But once again no one is talking about them shutting down SL there all beating around the bush look at the past
  3. How can you think that when members cant get LL to do things that needs to be done they have for fot all about SL look at the past with the teen grid same as there the for got all about it when sl was about to come on line, all there tech are working on the new SL no one here to support SL members/ I know this cause i have tryed for a week trying to get my sim name chang and all i gut is we will get to it soon we are back loged
  4. And what i have to say on this is in the past it has never took over 24 hours to get a name change for your region ot other things like that in the past year its like LL dont care about SL people no more all ther tech are working on the NEW SL and they will get to SL when they can this tell me when the NEW SL takes off the old one will die jsu tlike LS TEEn frid did
  5. how do i change teh name of my region
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