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  1. somehow i had a lot of names in my blocked list. i dont know most....any ideas?
  2. whats the best and fastest way to sort and clean inventory...my noob days gathered alot of freebies...plz help
  3. im rather new to sl and need friends that might help with my avitar...im not so sure what i should have or not...trying to start a serious lifestyle in sl. would like to get a job and my own land someday......thx
  4. I am looking for friends that would want to help with sl. im trying to learn anything i can... like to see places others like to go and things to do in sl...im trying to get a job and am willing to work for free for bit just to learn. anyone bored and want to teach me few things feel free look me up...
  5. yeah,i started to learn,and studied it a bit. then i tryed to learn blender and got flustered.....i know the basics of building,just never really did much. thx
  6. im trying to find friends and a job,i kinda like to build,and design. im kinda new so not real sure what there is. i willing to learn anything..... i love to shred on my guitar. look me up yo for friend or job.....:matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
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