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  1. Dartagan Shepherd wrote: Right, I keep my ordination license as well since I've left my denomination strictly for emergencies if there is absolutely no one else around. It costs me time to fill out a form, and 50 bucks a year. As to how I know this is an online ordination. I just do. ETA: As far as ministers that do what I mentioned, I can take you to yearly conferences and point out 40,000 ministers and their families that do this and much more day after day. What do you think those ministers do when they're not preaching at you? At least the good ones. Well, I don't have my own congregation in real life, and my ordination was an online ordination. I've also been ordained for nearly 10 years now, and I minister to the homebound mainly. I also do a lot of work at soup kitchens and I do a ton of work with those that are suffering with or trying to defeat addiction. I regularly perform weddings and have unfortunately taken care of quite a few funerals as well. So yeah, I do quite a bit more than just fill out my form to maintain my ordination. While I understand your skepticism, especially online -- I'm not looking towards ministering online as a "business", I just figured it was one thing I could do in this world with skills I already have that could be of use to other people. I actually followed a lot of the advice in this thread. I interviewed for a position as a land agent last night and I think I will have the job by this afternoon... that will enable me to save up enough to get land to not only setup a small ministry in an effort to help others -- but also to perhaps pursue other business ventures as well. The original post was just me being jaded because after around 7-8 years here (I had another previous account that lapsed and was never revived) it just seemed to me that there wasn't anything I could really do that was worthwhile without having graphical design skills, and I have absolutely NO desire to be involved with the club scene whatsoever... except if maybe as an advisor or consultant as I know everything that goes into running them successfully. As to the person that said "not being good" = "not practiced enough" in regards to graphical design -- you are absolutely right, but I also don't have any ideas for things to create, either. It is hard to practice when you have no plan in the first place. I do try, but it is hard as a very unskilled person without that plan. If I had ideas of things to try, I'd probably be much more practiced! Regardless if posts were met with skepticism or helpful advice, I do appreciate all of your replies and will take them all to heart. Also, if you welcomed me to contact you in world, please be on the lookout for my request. I was more looking for conversation on this topic than anything else, and was pleasantly surprised to see so many responses upon logging in. Thank you all so much, and I wish you all a great day!
  2. Well, I'd hardly say my "house is not in order" because I'm not very good with Photoshop and because the Linden's now have some weird policies regarding L$. Never had any issues in the past. It doesn't take much to reach out your hand to a person who needs it.
  3. I guess my problem is not wanting to "work" but wanting to do my own venture. I mean, that is part of the fun. I guess I'm going to have to look up some of those classes you mentioned, if they are free. I do have the desire to learn how to do all the graphical stuff that would allow me to create (PhotoShop and Blender) to where I'd actually be competitive in some market... I do have two accounts so I could use one in more "traditional" businesses and use my "main" account to start my spiritual center. I guess part of the problem is that most of the jobs seem to be in unsavory places that I have no desire to work in, or they aren't steady work or worth the time for what you get paid. I guess that is what I'm really getting at... that you must have real world talent to become any sort of content creator, and it kills a lot of the fun for me nowadays. I'm just babbling at this point... I've just been here a very hard time and its so hard to admit that I still really have no worthwhile skills in this place...
  4. Well, I was actually looking in to starting up an online ministry, but with their payment processor changes, my non-verified Paypal is now essentially worthless. I do have some base skills in Photoshop to do basic photo editing and the like, but as far as creation goes, even if I have something I'd like to build or the like -- its already been done. At the same time, I don't want to "work for" someone else. In reply to one of the posters, yes I am a fully ordained minister, so I could do that, but again, it costs to get started. I would love to start up a spiritual center to offer spiritual aid to shut-ins and just those looking for online spiritual "services" and of course I understand that weddings and the like are very popular here, but I'm not a skilled builder to offer any type of beautiful surroundings or the like. I don't even know if this was the right forum to post in, but regardless, I thank you both for your replies. I am just jaded, I guess... and I don't really know where to start anymore with this world. I do have PhotoShop, GIMP, Blender, and I even have Maya from my wife. Interested in photography (I own PhotoLife studio for instance), clothing, building, etc, etc. All the tutorials released lately are generally outdated or use old tools. I was working on trying to do some clothing the other day in PhotoShop and someone I told about it essentially laughed at me that I was working with prims instead of mesh, essentially. TL;DR: I *want* to stay in this world and try to make a difference in some way... but at this point I don't have "non-internet" money to contribute into the game and my PayPal won't work here. So essentially I *must* create. Not that I want to work in the clubs anyway, but no one is going to hire a Reverend to host at their club...
  5. I'm still so interested in this world, even after all of these years... however, I've found one thing that is incredibly disheartening. There is really no way to get ahead in business here without a lot of talent. I'm a people person, but we all know clubs are just time/money sinks. I've got 3D Modeling programs, but I wasn't any good with them in college and I'm not any good with them now. I'm not a Photoshop wizard. I don't know LSL. I've been here over six years, and I'm completely lost. I'm actually starting to combine aspects of my RL (I'm an ordained minister) to try something new just because I'm out of ideas for trying to stay on the grid. :( I don't know if I'm just extremely jaded or what, but I never liked clubs in this world anyway, and definitely not working in them. If that is really all that is going to be out there for someone without a degree in graphics design... this might be it for me in SL. :(
  6. I have just recently opened a very stable gaming sim known as Naughty Angels Gaming, with my partner Nyissah Freese. We are looking for as many different capable Greed or No Greed Hosts as we can find, and hope to find a dedicated manager who loves the game to help us really get our VIP group up and our games hopping. Looking for all time zones, we'd love to run 24/7 if possible! We do have Zyngo, Solitaire, and Jaded Kickers as well, so experience or at least knowledge with these games is much preferred. Compensation will be per card, and 100% of your tips are yours to keep. Managerial compensation is negotiable, but we're looking for someone who is looking long-haul and not short-term. Please respond here or send me a NC (Jazen Jaxxon) in-world. Regards, Jazen (CEO - Naughty Angels Gaming)
  7. Naughty Angels Gaming is approaching its grand opening and we are looking for gameroom hostesses to work on an adult-themed gaming sim. Hostesses should be fun, energetic, and relatively dedicated, and also know about TOS-compliant games such as Greed or No Greed, and Zyngo... we also have chess, euchre, and una boards and are adding more fun stuff daily. Compensation is negotiable, but bonuses will be offered to hostesses who consistently produce results. Our sim is on adult land, so you must be age-verified, and you must also have a working and quality sounding microphone to apply for these positions. We are looking for hostesses for all times of the day or night. Please NC Jazen Jaxxon for more information, or IM in-world. My usual hours are 8PMSL-3AMSL but I will be on most of the day today for immediate interviews.
  8. I've done a lot of basic SL jobs, like hosting, dancing, DJing, some customer service, etc... I'm looking for something a bit more rewarding, and hopefully intellectual, than gesturbating for people to join contest boards... like to get involved in some real things. I thought of opening a chess club, but don't know really if it would be any kind of success. My problem is I have some great ideas at times, but this place is so open, I feel like I need a goal and a task. I'm an excellent writer, speaker, thinker - and when I am doing something I give it 100%. If you've got some kind of opening or project for me, please contact me here or in-world. I do have a RL job, but am available pretty much every evening after 7-8PM SLT with 2-3 days off per week. Hope to hear from you! Regards, Jazen
  9. Am willing to work with someone and cut them in just to have more land to expand into, as well... the business is already in place and ready to rock of my own expense, but more land would be helpful as this business is already paced for growth. I have many well-traited horses already and the horses in place to go for some of the bigger names.
  10. Pamela Galli wrote: No actually Zanara is correct -- this does not belong in this forum. Read the guidelines. Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. No advertising or promotion of specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services, unless the forum area is specifically for the buying or selling of Second Life products or services, for example, a “for sale” or “wanted” forum. Do not reference other websites offering any product or service. Note: It is OK to have a signature line with a link to your Second Life profile or information about your Second Life business. Jazen Jaxxon wrote: Zanara Zenovka wrote: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted No offense, but this has nothing to do with my post. They are just putting together an event with breeders present, I'm trying to work with someone or acquire investment in my business. Thanks for the link though. But the mods don't care, so have at it. Because I'm not selling anything? I mean, I guess you could call it self-promotion, but I didn't even name my business... Strictly trying to make contacts...
  11. Zanara Zenovka wrote: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted No offense, but this has nothing to do with my post. They are just putting together an event with breeders present, I'm trying to work with someone or acquire investment in my business. Thanks for the link though.
  12. How much are stalls/prim counts? Are the rentals going to the charity or strictly the donated horses. Finally, are we providing our own food or will it be provided with stall rental. Kind Regards, Jazen Jaxxon (Jaxxon Stables)
  13. Looking for partners in my breeding business, currently breeding Amaretto horses and preparing for Meeroo's. Would like to expand and get bigger and be able to do more - but am currently on my own. Please contact me, Jazen Jaxxon, in world if you would like to talk about pooling resources as a partner or an independent investor. No reasonable ideas will be turned down, and in the case of investors, any reasonable investment offer will be greeted with a smile by a smart businessman. Currently have one stable, and about to open another one - and I never plan on stopping with my expansion in this great and fun business. Hope to have you along either as a partner, an idea contributor, or an investor. Kind Regards, Jazen Jaxxon (Jaxxon Stables)
  14. Update... I've started creating clothes... having trouble getting the seams together a bit, but it's a tough creation. I made a Michael Jordan autographed NBA Finals jersey. Also took a 3 store very nice prefab, and made it into a very nice looking and quaint 9 store mall. Discovering I can do things both with building and photoshop, and loving the creative life so far. I'm not getting much sleep, but I'm having a lot of fun. Each of my 9 stores has 30 prim available at 75L a week, I think that seems fair, and if I could keep 100% rental, I would essentially be freerolling Second Life. Thanks to everyone for the great posts and encouragement!
  15. brancheyes28 wrote: i would love to be manager. please contact me ASAP ! and ill do a terrific job!! Yes, I'm sure everyone wants managers who don't even read enough of a post to see that it was someone LOOKING for work, not offering it. You manage well, I see.
  16. Josh Susanto wrote: >"Leave it to the pros..." Well, even if someone is a n00b, being a model will mean they probably don't take well to being told they need amateur help getting dressed. I wouldn't make too much of such a comment. You probably saved her a huge amount of hassle just getting to a look she wouldn't be afraid to be caught dead in. Most other n00bs are not perfectionists. Not even close. >but I had just done it to help. At first, I just sculpted to sculpt. I think if you talk to most people selling scripts, they'll tell you that they used to script just to script. That's one of the great things about SL; if you enjoy something enough, you can probably at least pick up some change by it eventually. In your case, it sounds like you can probably pick up more than some change. >The thing I've always wanted to do the most is land development. You can't control the total market demand for anything. A problem with SL land is that the price can only be adjusted so far downward to meet the real market price, and that affects what, if anything, is on it in very abrupt ways sometimes, so, in addition to the teleport thing, location doesn't really mean so much in SL, whereas in RL (well..you know). If you think more like an urban planner than like a real estate developer, though, you might be able to accomplish something. Too many parcels (or whole sims) are developed as if what is next to them might as well not exist. If there are people with existing developments who have some preference about what goes in next door, you might be able to get them to provide financing to find preferred buyers or renters for abutting property. If they have a church, they don't want a sex shop on the other side of the sim line, and they might be willing to pay something to make that not happen. You could get a piece of it. I didn't quote this twice so I could make that short reply, because your land post really deserves special attention. I would LOVE to do something like what you mentioned (find sim-owners who want tenants of a certain variety.) Before my little SL vacation I had a LOT of fun putting up beautiful homes (others creations, obviously) and getting good tenants. Obviously, being a landlord you will sometimes deal with the problem tenant, but if you've already developed the land, you tend to get people who WANT exactly what you are offering (in my case, it was luxury homes and not commercial.) At least until Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker release American funds, I don't have the money to invest in making this a reality for myself (as a simowner) but I sure as hell could develop the land in a quality fashion for someone who has the money and not the time. But, where do you find such people? I mean, I would definitely put in my profile that I am interested in helping simowners get quality tenants who want to live in a certain type of environment, but unless someone sees your profile, you get lost in the grid. Yet another amazing post, Josh. I will be sending you a friend request, I hope you are OK with that.
  17. No, I told the model that I had helped the girl out and thought I could definitely do it as at least a sideline.. I *have* had many female SLers tell me I have one of the nicer looking human male avatars they've seen...
  18. Anita61 Anatine wrote: If I look at your top 5 I think you can combine these. You could make a start in designing houses, and using your photo programs, create your own textures for them. Same with clothing, and tattoos: use your skils in PS to work on those, start simple, check tutorials and take it one step at a time. As for furniture: once you got the hang of the animation program, you can combine building, making your own textures and put in your own unique animations! I think you'll do ok once you get started on a project, start simple, for instance, create a kitchen chair, make a nice texture for it and a pose to put inside. Don't set your goals to high on your first project. Good luck and have a lot of fun!!!! I think you may have understood me though, friend. Sure, I have the software... but I don't have anywhere what I would call skills in PS or AC3D... I just bought a lot of stuff when I was making a ton of money as a professional poker player knowing that I might have fun with it in some way one day. My skills in Photoshop were making funny additions of text on 2+2 poker forums. I guess I could have already built a very basic skybox today if I capped my building platform and put in side walls... but I don't really know how to make anything "angled"/sculpted or attractive. It'd be a damned box. I was able to get a fully furnished gorgeous skybox the other day for $499... why would someone buy my box with a floor texture? Still a great post, thank you.
  19. Josh Susanto wrote: >After I made this post, I helped a new girl get her avatar up to speed by helping her find a good skin and shape, hair and a nice outfit, and it made me smile more than anything in SL in a very long time. But, in the end - I was just helping - and other than someone being nice to her - her joy was derived from others creations - not mine. Helping people, or at least helping them WELL is an undervalued skill in SL. The system, itself, provides a lot of ways for people to learn things in SL, but it can't really address the fact that a lot of talented and enthusiastic people have innate learning styles that will almost inevitably require them to get some kind of help one-on-one. It seems to me that if you have good organizational skills, at least, you could create an agency for new users that helps them find their "thing" and connect with the right people to learn what they need to learn at a speed that works for them. You might charge them a fee, or you could do it on a donation basis and still come out pretty well ahead. n00bs don't always have any money, but most of them will see the value in what you have done for them when they meet a few other people who are still floundering after logging every day for a month or more. And people like me are always eager to meet new talent before it gets scared away by a few pointless discouragements, so I could certainly front a few people money to pay you if they show any real commitment to profitable content creation... and I think most people will if they get the right referrals the first time. If you really are interested in "all of it", then that probably makes you the perfect person to open such an agency, since you wouldn't have any strong biases and might be able to more objectively assess where someone should try to focus in the beginning. There are probably some free online personality and aptitude tests you could use to match new users with in-world activities. Step one would probably be to get some successful people in SL to take such tests, so you can see how test results do or do not work as predictors of success as scripters, sculptors, texturers, animators, etc. "But shouldn't there be more for me than just helping?". Sure there should, if you want there to be. I'm just saying that if you are actually good at helping (or can get good quickly) and you don't hate doing it, then that is one of the few things not already over-abundant in SL, and could provide you with a revenue stream while also keeping you continually exposed to new things in SL. Yeah, well I told a well-respected fashion model that I had put a girl in a great skin, great shape, hair, eyes, and a killer outfit. Got her outfitted with a chimera and a bunch of dance anims, and a bunch of other things that were needed for her to enjoy the club scene or work in a club as a hostess or dancer. When I told this model "Boy, I really think I could do well in avatar customization" it wasn't met with a "yeah, you should give it a shot..." "Leave it to the pros..." Bleh... really? But yes, I find it quite easy to take noobs and turn them into fairly pretty people, capable of making at least shopping money and clothing and accessories easily as hostesses or dancers. I could definitely help people become at least decent DJ's as well if they have any sort of technical aptitude. I mean, sure it's a worthwhile service, but I had just done it to help. If noobs had money, they wouldn't be noobs long... and it's rare that you see a noob saying "Hey, I'll pay you to get me setup..." Noobs expect free things. Sure, you may wind up getting paid when they realize what you've done for them - but in my personal experiene, the only gratification you get out of helping a newb is the feeling you get from having helped someone (obviously this isn't bad, but it sure isn't paying for my next GothicKatz outfit or my tiers.) With all the great posts here, I at least know I have potential if I put the work in to learn building, scripting, animation, photography. I *am* truly interested in everything. SL is never "boring." There is always something to do. And like I've said, I'm not trying to get "Oprah-rich" but I would like to have a feeling of accomplishment from creating things people will use and a small bit of change. The thing I've always wanted to do the most is land development. I've owned 2 rental properties in my long time in SL, and they both made a small profit - but I had left SL for two years and from everything I hear, the rental market is really dead - and unless you have the funds to cough up for a full sim or homestead, you're not getting anywhere. I even went looking for loans last night (no, not asking people, searching for investment capital) to try to put into land investment in development. I don't have the RL money to buy a sim. I'm glad this thread is still going, because it has been incredibly helpful and therapeutic when I get frustrated. Its back to the tutorials.. I just wish I could find MY niche, because I feel like I have so many ways to go that I'm not dedicating myself to learning one skill and attempting to get good at it. I did build my 42x30 sky platform for my building today however, and even though it's just a bunch of prims stuck together neatly to build a nice platform - I did get a feeling of accomplishment - much more than when I put up my skybox (that I tore down today for the platform) - even though it's just a place to build and I no longer have a "home"... unless you're here for pixelsex, a home is really irrelevant anyways.. you can change clothes in any mature sandbox. Thanks again to all who have replied!
  20. Well, obviously it's nothing earthshaking, but I built my first thing other than a picture frame this evening. I decided since I don't partake in "partnership" there's no real need for me to have a skybox... so I built a platform for building above my land, with a wall on the one side for when I would like to rez my photo studio, and linked everything together. By far the largest thing I've ever "built".. For a little more practice, I'm going to try to find a tutorial to build an attractive fence around it for aesthetics. Hey, its a start!
  21. So many great posts, and I wish to thank all that have responded. Unlike most forums on the interwebz, I actually feel like I gained a lot of useful information and encouragement... and I really appreciate it. I think my main problem at this point is that SO many things are SO interesting... I'm just going to post a list of things in the order I think I am interested, and if anyone wants to post what they find the best areas are for learning these talents individually, maybe this post can benefit others besides myself as well. 1. Photography (I do own PhotoLife 3.0, with Pro Filter and Sidepanels - I have PS CS4 and a few 3D rendering programs as well.) 2. Residential Buildings / Commercial Buildings. I think I would get more joy knowing that someone liked a house I built enough to live in it. 3. Tattoos (I am very interested in tattooing in RL, but I could not draw my own works.. if you could set up real tattoos well, is it allowable as long as the art you find on the internet is not protected?) If that's the case this would definitely be 1a. 4. Clothing... I just know this is the thing that makes the most people in SL squirm in delight, and I do like to make people happy. 5. Furniture... I do think there is something to be said for being able to create furniture for a variety of different uses... especially things like hot tubs, saunas and the like. I have looked at bit at that avimator (I forget the name, but a big thank you to that poster, it does seem like fun if nothing were to come of it...) but I think these would be my top 5 things I'd like to get into in SL. I know I didn't respond to each post directly (the man who builds the rocks, your post was incredibly inspiring, definitely don't want to forget you) but please trust that I have read and absorbed everything every one of you has said, and I am very grateful. I guess the best idea now is to grab one area of design and try to work with that first... or maybe try a bit of building and a bit of photography, to have another thing to do when something is frustrating me or what not. Thanks again to all!
  22. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: I'd love to make nice houses people want to live in. Unfortunately every class or tutorial I see is teaching me how to build a 2 prim table or an egg. That's the basic "hammer and nails" of building. Also, take a bunch of free mod/copy buildings and scripts and clothing and take them apart to see how they are built, modify them, and put them back together differently. That's how I leanr: destructively. At the same time, I'm worried that I'll spend a buttload of money on a class for something, have no talent for it - and be hitting up that credit card or stripper pole again, getting frustrated in a place with so much potential - and leaving again. There are TONS of free classes in scripting, basic clothing making, texturing, animation etc. given by NCI, Builder's Brewery and other places. And Danish Visions has great clothing construction class series. I probably just went to the "wrong" classes.. I actually attended a class event one time for nearly two hours where I think the only thing that could have been learned was how to REZ a cube and resize it. I'm past that point, at least. I was making picture frames for a while and putting modern masters artwork into them for my own use... would have liked to have done something like that but of course, I'm not Picasso. I will definitely check into the places you have mentioned and the "destructive" idea, and see where it gets me. Appreciate your post!
  23. Rolig Loon wrote: So, it sounds as if you're having a hard time deciding whether you are looking to create things because you need the money, or whether it's something that you really want to do. As I suggested earlier, doing almost anything in SL just because you need the money is probably a poor use of your time. You'll be putting a lot of effort into work instead of enjoying whatever you needed your money for. You can earn a lot more money much faster in RL, import a little to SL, and relax. If you are really interested in being a creator, however, then forget about how much money you might earn with it. Treat it as a hobby and have fun with it. That's mostly what SL is about, after all. If you do earn L$, so much the better. I earn enough from building, clothing design, and scripting to pay for rent on a shop and on another parcel where my home is, and have some left over to play with. In months when the income is lower, I cut back on the "extras," just like in RL. If the income dropped a lot more, I'd get rid of the house and its parcel, too, or consider bringing a little money in from RL. All those things are nice, but they aren't what's important to me. I create things in SL because it's what I like to do. It's why I'm here. It's not a job to earn L$ so I can do other things. I don't *need* the money... If anything, I'd like to be recognized for being able to do something well. I made a LOT of money playing online poker, so just being sufficient to own a house and maybe try to make some investments is fine with me. And I am a premium account paying mainland tier so my (albeit small) living quarters are already paid for month to month. All money made would just be an investment in myself and my fun - and definitely not a necessity. It would definitely be a hobby, but one that I would spend a lot of time with. The question is, am I going to get frustrated before I get anywhere because of my initial lack of anything resembling "talent"? To the above poster, I am definitely going to look into animations with that program tonight - just been up a really long time and CBA to give it proper attention right now. Thanks for linking that tutorial!
  24. Peewee Musytari wrote: I totally agree about clubs and malls....They are just hard work and money pits. You should definately checkout animations, you will be amazed how easy they are to make. Get yourself a free basic program like Avimator http://www.avimator.com/ and you will soon see if it is something you could get into and enjoy, before looking for more in depth programs. I trust there are tutorials for it, because I just opened it up and have zero idea what I'm doing obviously... much less a way to actually make it do anything worthwhile. I've got the avimator guy nice and limpwristed, though.
  25. Indigo Mertel wrote: Jazen, I was pretty much in the same position as you before I started building in SL. I always had an interest in architecture, design, decoration, photography. But, I never did anything to really cultivate those interests, other than buying some books once in a while. I never considered myself a person with an artistic inclination and still don't. The only quality I really thought of having was a good eye for aesthetics and I rarely had a chance to exercise it. Today shaping the environment and building houses is one of the things I enjoy the most in Second Life. Creativity is like a muscle that you need to exercise. Creativity needs to be cultivated. Pick one or more of the interests you have in real life and start working on it. Learn by copying from real life and add your own variations to define your own style, pay attention to details, get books, read magazines, search the web for blogs and pictures. There are lots of sources of inspiration that can help you find your way. Try and try again, don't get frustrated if results are not always optimal. When I look back at the first buildings I made it makes me smile to see how plain and simple they are. I guarantee that with time your imagination and creativity will unleash, your skills will improve. This is what makes SL so special, it's a canvas where you can explore your interests and learn skils at almost no cost. It lets you find that creativity in you that you never thought you had. See that's the thing... I know I would get a rush out of creation - who wouldn't? I'd love to make nice houses people want to live in. Unfortunately every class or tutorial I see is teaching me how to build a 2 prim table or an egg.. A lot of it is a want to try EVERYTHING, and I'm sure that strikes us all. At the same time, I'm worried that I'll spend a buttload of money on a class for something, have no talent for it - and be hitting up that credit card or stripper pole again, getting frustrated in a place with so much potential - and leaving again. I guess its really just wanting to try everything because in a virtual world there are really no limits, and then thinking to yourself that you don't really have talent to do anything. I sure wish the US would bring back online poker, the one place where I was one of the most talented individuals in the world.
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