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  1. I'm part of the vampire/lycan clan, Underworld Legacy, we are looking for someone roleplaying a dog and/or puppy to be partners with our new family dog. Must be willing to join a clan and wanting to breed if female. (Either male or female is allowed) For more information please contact our king, LordAndrew ~Thank you very much
  2. Well see a while ago i uninstalled the game and then recently installed it again to play. It's the most recent version of the game. Also my computer isn't old either. I got it the beggening of this year, it's an Acer laptop (Aspire) I'm not sure if that information helps more.
  3. I hadn't been on Secondlife in a while so once i started back up my game screen flickers back and fourth randomly from a black screen the back t the game screen. I had the most recent update on my computer downloaded. Is there a way to fix that or will it just keep doing that on my computer?
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