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  1. What we need: a full perm logo that we will use for our new business PSD file transparent background minimal colors and minimalist design We just want a simple logo design. Black and white and maybe 1 or 2 colors if the design matches well. We don't want you to spend too much time on it since we just want a minimalist design. So don't stress too much about it. send us the design within 24 hours of IMing about your interest- we only want serious inquiries. You'll be paid for your time **If you are interested, send Fae Kenin an IM in-world and she wi
  2. I'm looking for someone who has experience in logo design who would be interested in making me a logo for my new group. I will need the finals in Photoshop format (.psd). If you are interested in such a project and have logo designing experience please respond to this post with pasted links to samples of your previous logo work, and how I would contact you in-world. Thank you!
  3. I'm looking for a creative graphic designer who is able to design a logo for me. The subject of the logo is of a phoenix. I'm looking for the job to be done in about a week or two from today. For more information, IM Fae Kenin in-world with your prices and at least two examples of your work! (Links to examples will work, too) *You will be contacted as soon as possible. :)
  4. *Alec Accommodations* is seeking an assistant/marketer for the business. Essential: - Good attitude towards work. - Ready for a lot of work and organizing. - At least on SL 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. - Complete willingness. - Thoroughly familiar with SL. - Marketing experience. - Retail experience. This position is new and we will discuss wages. The chosen assistant will start off with commission based wages, and we will negotiate from there. Please IM Fae Kenin for more information, and questions or concerns. Please do not send me notecards, as I may not receive it if I am AFK/busy and
  5. If you are a teacher who is experienced in teaching any of the following subjects, please directly IM Fae Kenin In-World for an interview: -French -Mathematics -Physics -Chemistry Basic Requirements: -You first and foremost must have previous experience teaching these subjects. -If you are a tutor/private teacher who we choose to hire, you will teach the subject(s) in roleplay (You must be family roleplay friendly). -You must be reliable, engaged, and entertaining. Pay will be reasonable and discussed at the time we are deciding if you are the teacher we wish to hire. Please feel free a
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