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  1. I've gotten an email saying my accounts been charged the monthly fee for the premier account that I cancelled almost 2 mths ago. How do I open a ticket to see what's going on?
  2. ok i found it and it is disabled This land has outside scripts disabled. No scripts will work here except those belonging to the land owner. so the person i have rented the house from will need to change this?
  3. I truthfully don't have a clue about stuff like that how would i check if they were?
  4. I'm having problems in a house i'm renting I can rez my objects np but when I click on them for the menus nothing happens it won't bring them up. I have tried it with 2 rugs 2 lapdancing chairs a blood tank and some dice. The thing is when I rez them in my other house the menus come up fine I even transferred some of my items to a friend to try out at their house and they work fine too. I IM'd the house owner but they couldn't help me as they didn't know what the problem was and all they did was reset the prims saying it was that but it's still not working. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be
  5. relita


    Thanks all for your replies it's got nothing to do with hiding from my vampire clan i like the people there it's just more ican't be bothered with the hunting for blood finding random people to start talking to then asking if i can drink their blood it seems a little long for me. Just with me being new to the game i didn't realise how exactly everything worked so basicly i just ignore the fact my bllod is low cause it's not gonna really do anything to me is what i seem to be getting from everyone thanks again
  6. relita


    I don't wear the hud i forgot about putting it on untill someone told me my blood levels were low which has then prompted me to try and find away to be human again
  7. relita


    Does anyone know a way not to be a vampire anymore? I made the mistake of becoming 1 as soon as I joined SL without really knowing much about the hunting thing. Being a vampire is not really that bad but I'm not really into the looking for people to bite
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