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  1. New collars may come close to violating TOS but as for control of a submissive in an honest BDSM relationship those controls should be agreed upon by both the Dominate and the submissive. Any Dominate worth their salt understands two things. 1. Submission is a gift and should be treasured. 2. The mantra of the BDSM community is Safe Sane and Consensual. BDSM isn't about being mean it is a different way of loving someone. With that said, a submissive has the right to say "hey ok that's enough" or "sorry I am not into that." Of course most things can be avoided by following the mantra and cherishing the gift of submission. To end this let me say that new collars or old collars are only as restrictive as the well educated couple allow them to be.
  2. The combination of Victorian gears springs etc is fascinating. Are there good resources for inspiration available. My girl and I would like to build a house done steampunk. Any serious help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I love to travel and see the world unfold before me, either by walking, riding my motorcycle or flying in my airship. The only issue I have with travel is you can't travel all over SL. So traveling from my home on one sim to the a club or what have you is sometimes impossible, of course if anyone out there knows how to get around this I would love to know the secret. "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet." Can't remember the author but Think these are cool words to live by.
  4. When building with Blender, the measurements are given in Blender units. How does a Blender unit compare to measurements in Second Life.?
  5. I would like to make porthole windows in a tower build I am starting. Is there a texture I can use to make the holes in the cylindar I am using for outer walls. Dante
  6. Can't find where I turn on RLV for my GM meter. Anyone out there that can tell me? Dante
  7. My Avatar appears grey to my friends, not like I havent rezzed grey like a drawing. I have teleported and back as well as logged off and back on, they even tried the same with no change. Any ideas? TxDave
  8. I have a 1/4 sim and want to build a small mountainous area in one corner. Is it possible to retexture the grass to look like mountains or will I have to buy a mountain from a vendor. I bought the land from a real estate agent but have full perms. TxDave
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