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  1. TY so much for being interested in joining my series im hoping for it to be continuous but we'll see :) requirements: able to voice, online most of the time,and available most of the time :D roles: Tamarah (tuh-m-air-uh), Joshua (jaw-sh-uh-wa), Cameron (cam-run), Laura (lor-a), Stephen (st-even), Mariah (muh-ry-a), Jordan ( j-or-done), Indigo (in-dig-O), Saffron (s-uh-f-ron), Joey ( jo-ee) if u want a profile (their info such as pic so u can plan ur looks for series, age, gender, and all that crap) IM me @ ella102030 or єℓℓα ℜσßєгт  category: comedy, drama, and possibly a little horror storyline: a girl moves to a small town with her parents and meets a few friends in between it all her sister dies when a few drunk kids shoot her and when she finally is happy and always laughing where she is, an accident comes along... if ur interested in a certain part i'll interview you privately ( ur aloud bringing 2 people at maximum to watch ur interview)
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