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  1. Sorry for the long explanation, but it's necessary. I have a homestead sim divided into two unequal parcels. Both Parcels are owned by Group A. Parcel H supports 129 prims but has 900 on it. Parcel B supports 3402 and has about 2100 prims on it. There is a Group B that I want to have banning powers on Parcel B, but it doesn't work now, I think because of the group ownership to Group A. Because of the unequal prim allocation, I think both parcels need to be owned by the same group. I know that if I merely change Parcel B to Group B, I will lose or get prims returned from the Parcel H. So,
  2. Trying to debug it now. When I compiled it it gave me a syntax error that I can't figure out. The position given in the syntax error is right before the word "timer". Do I need to set a counter or something? Or is it a bracket thing? llPlaySound("8f438543-a18a-236f-9e97-629f18d852c7", 0.7); llSetTimerEvent(10.0); //This stuff makes sure it works well as part of a linkset too vector axis=<0.0,0.0,1.0>; axis=axis*llGetLocalRot(); rotation test=llAx
  3. How does this look? I think this should start the timer event and close the door after 10 seconds, the reset the timer and closed state, and the the old part at the end would close the door if it was clicked before the 10 seconds expires. Would it be better to just delete the old closing event? else { open=!open; if (open) { llPlaySound("8f438543-a18a-236f-9e97-629f18d852c7", 0.7); llSetTimerEvent(10.0) //This stuff makes su
  4. Thank you for answering. I've studied your answer and I think I understand what you mean, but the execution is still way above my skill level. I think this is the opening event and the timer command goes in here..... open=!open; if (open) { llPlaySound("8f438543-a18a-236f-9e97-629f18d852c7" , 0.7); //This stuff makes sure it works well as part of a linkset too vector axis=<0.0,0.0,1.0>; axis=
  5. I have a door system that came with my rental box system. It works just fine, with the exception that everyone leaves their doors open because there is no automatic closing timer event. The script, because it integrates the rental system and such is too complex for my very basic scripting level. What and most importantly where-- would I have to insert to make the doors close after about 10 seconds and not screw up the functionality of the rental tie-in? Here is the script-- string owner=""; integer rented = 0; integer open=FALSE; integer waitingforping = FALSE; key candidate = "
  6. Okay, trying to work with MLVP2. I'm following the wiki tutorial and all that. I'm editing the positions of the animations, and two of them are about 20 m higher that what I set them at, but the first one worked okay. This is the positions after a dump. [04:50] {Chill} <1.312,-3.756,0.417> <1.2,0.8,20.0> [04:50] {Knee up} <159.151,113.583,1196.782> <0.0,0.0,-180.0> [04:50] {Leaning} <159.151,113.591,1197.078> <0.0,0.0,177.9>" The knee up and leaning are very different from the Chill....the chill is the one that is more or less working. Also, anyone
  7. Most shoes for women consist of a prim for the foot,(this is the shoe) and a 'shaper' or 'alpha' that covers up or reshapes the avitar foot to the same angle as the shoe. Take a look inside your shoes folder and see if there is something else you should be wearing to shape your foot correctly.
  8. I have a nice ski lodge/ tavern/ inn on Marketplace that could be modified into a gaming hall. I get the idea you are building in a skybox though, but it's still workable. Take a look at Hooligan Creations on Marketplace to see my stuff.
  9. I was hoping the water wouldn't rez at all for three seconds, and that would solve the 'left behind' water as well as getting the water into the tub without my customer having to do it. But the llRegionSay is a great idea and I will definately use it anyway.
  10. Could I put the timer event at the beginning of the entire script, so that no water was killed or rezzed for 3 seconds? I think if the tub moved into it's position and did nothing for 3 seconds it would fix my problem.
  11. Actually, it would be great if the tub rezzed empty and only rezzed the water after the tub was 'put into use' , long after the build was moved/ set/ and rezzer scripts removed.
  12. Also, if you 'edit' the backpack and go to the 'contents' tab, you could literally put your other objects inside the back pack, so even if you aren't wearing it or even have it rezzed, it would contain the other objects until you re-rezzed it.
  13. if the new prim is farther than about 30m from the root prim of your link set, you'll get that error, even if it's under 256 prims. I usually build in 'sets' and lable them "North 1st Floor, south 1st Floor, North 2nd Floor" etc. Then, as a temporary save, you can hit Ctrl3, box all of them to get everything selected, and then 'take copy' of the whole build (even though it is two or three or five linksets). Find it in your inventory (I use the 'recent' feature) and then rename it so you can find it again. After you complete this really big build, use a rezzer like Casper's Rezz-free or some
  14. I just made a really nice build that includes two hot tubs. The hot tub scripts are on two different channels. It was all packed up into a Casper Rezz-Free box. The entire build rezzes properly, with each peice rezzing over the rezz-free box and then moving into position. The problem is that the water from the hot tubs stays over the box and doesn't move to the hot tubs. The water prim itself is inside the hot tub, and rezzes when the tub rezzes (but then the water stays behind when the tub moves into it's position in the build). The question...in the hot tub script is Init_Water()
  15. And don't forget to check the box in "about land" to make the place 'searchable'. it costs 30 L$ but it's well worth it.
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