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  1. Sooo... I basically forgot about SL for months, but when I went to go back on, it couldn't log me in. Got a new account, searched myself, as well as my friends, and they basically don't exist anymore /: I really want my old account back, just to see if they're still on my friends list, bla bla bla... and it would take an ETERNITY to get back everything I had on my other account-- so how long does it take for that ticket thingy? How much longer should I have to wait before I can figure out whether or not my friend died?? (Oh yeah, he kinda had all these medical problems, so he only had so much
  2. Actualllyyyyyyy yes I am >.> NEW QUESTION! D:<
  3. Where do I click to reactivate it??
  4. I'm on my new account now, but I made another one about a year back, I think, named Kaylala Chatterbox, that I can't get into... I asked my friend to get into his account, because we were friends on SL, but he says he can't get into his, because his password isn't working, which is what's happening to mine, even though I'm 100% sure it's the RIGHT password. On my new account, I searched my name, as well as a couple of my own friend's names, but none came up... I havent been on SL for a while, so maybe there was this huge update or something that deleted all the accounts that were used on a reg
  5. Eyyhhhh I'm starting another question thingy >.>
  6. She doesnt exist... neither do any of my old friends...
  7. Haha thanks guys I guess Im an honored resident here because of that? >.< Lol I feel proud. but ya. How do I said an IM to someone who isn't near me? i forgot...
  8. Ok, and I'm on my newest account right now (this one), but I kinda really want my old one back, cu I had so much on that account... how do I figure out which email it's set up to? I know the name, just not the password...
  9. And I have McAfee so am I good?
  10. Wow, thanks guys Now I just need to figure out which email my first one was set up to... x.x
  11. I have Phoenix. Read the comments all the way up there ^ Also, alot of old programs arent loading now, like my Skype or even iTunes...
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