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    about land

    hi i need to ask a question please if i buy a land on secondlife i still have to pay the the rent by week or so often
  2. to answer you back not sure if your answer was indirect to me i have not threaden anyone i am looking for help to fix this problem i never said that i couldnt login i just said that i couldnt see my avatar im invisable and i cant take off or put on clothing skin or shape im loading and cant stop loading and my inventory is also loading which means that since im loading my avatar has not come in so i cant see him i try everything to get it working but it has not helped i need help this is no joking matter nor do i have time to place this help as a joke i reallly need the help as i a
  3. to answer you i have done a character test i have also clear my cache i have also try to change my clothes skin and shape but nothing seems to work i am not using a wireless im on a desk top im invisable its been like this for 4 months i have contact support many times but ive never received any responds my wife use a wireless laptop and she has never had any problems nor any of my friends that use a laptop has ever had any problems its not a wireless problem its a viewer problem nor is it a connection problem i have try getting on other desk top and still the samething and also on
  4. when i login sl say that im still loading and when i open my inventory i have the same still loading i cant see my avatar at all yet others can see me i check to see if im wearing my skin and shape which i am i also try wearing my old shape and skin and it doesnt load even if i change outfits nothing seems to change
  5. i have summited many support help but never got any responds today i also summitted yet again for help support and came across this area for tech support i have been trying to get help about this matter for months please help me out thank you
  6. Its been Months and my avatar shows that its still loading and my inventory is also shows that its still loading I can't see my avatar at all others can see me but I can't I summited many support tickets but till this day I have not received any help to fix this problem i have clears my cache i checked to see if i had my skin and shape on it shows that im wearing them but i cant tell help me out with this problem this new viewer has totally messed my acct my avatar shows that im still loading at first it was a cloud now i cant see avatar at all the only way i can see my avatar is
  7. im playing sl but i cnt hear any music in any place i hear gestures and ppl chat but no music i tryed 3 viewers different but still nothing i realy need help pls
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