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  1. if i'm too late ,can i un do my action?and get my 512 parcel back in Muslin on rte.3 i abandoned it.
  2. can mesh avatars wear non-mesh clothing?
  3. what are the standard partial land dimensions ?
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    Help! I'm confused, I have a linden home in a themed neighborhood and wanting to keep this, i also would like to buy land on the mainland and buy a house to put on it. Is the only way of getting this land be by an auction and i get it by making the winning bid and pay that bid off, is there still some kind of regular sales price of the land i also have to pay, besides the normal monthly land use fee (this fee i understand),and would the bonus 512 land that my linden home is on be added to the monthly land use fee of the land i buy on the mainland??? (so for the long questions)
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