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  1. I owned a quarter of a homestead, and when I logged in today I got shunted to a safe hub. Seems I can't get to my sim. Tried to contact the landlords, they are offline, their website is down and their hq is gone. All my stuff hasn't come back to my lost and found yet, so I'm hoping i'm just locked out, but don't have a clue what do do next. Any advice? I don't even know who to contact and the Knowlege base is useless for somehting this specific.
  2. I'm sorry, that's want I mean. I throw out the Second Life folder or the Phoenix folder. Not the while App support folder. But there are a MILLION Files within even thoughs folders and I don't know which one or ones are my problem. But if I drag the whole, say pheonix folder to the trash, the next time I start phoenix, it works.
  3. Well that stinks. But, since throwing out the support folder (/Username/Library/application support/) fixes the problem for the next time you log in, does anyone have a clue which files it is that messes things up? I'd love to retain at leas some of my prefs, but as is I trash the folder then log in and spend 5 minutes configuring my brwser. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. "Is that the the i7 Mac but then just with regular video and ram?" No. It's a 15" 2.3 g, and I've upgraded to 8g Ram. EVERYTHING other than SL runs fine. Everything, no matter how graphics intesnive. It does auto switch based on battry power, but I'm checking it on the profile and it's running the high end card. I've even tryed turning off swtiching, so it stay on the high end. No joy. I've not run any beta viewers, if that it the question, but the v2 functions just the same as the others. Runs perfectly onces, then fails. I'm not savvy enough to mess with Open GL. I enjoy SL, but I have other things on the computer that MUST work. So I don't want to mess around too much with the core system (especially given that I don't really know what I'm doing).
  5. I know this is an oft spoken topic, but I really think this is a new one. I have a brand new Macbook Pro. He has two cards (AMD Radeon HD 6750M and Intel HD Graphics 3000). Neither are in the approved list. they SEEM to want to work. I log in once, and I'm fine. No problems. I log out, and can never get the program to draw on the screen again. The program IS running in the background, if I swipe another app window (twitter, for example) across the SL screen, it redraws the current after it passes, but does not update. If I download a thrid party browser and try it... Same thing. ALWAYS works once, then not again. Any ideas??? TY
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