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  1. I thought so as well, do you know by chnace if you try and tp the avatar home if it kicks them and leaves them standing?
  2. No that is not the answer I am looking for, I need to know specifically how a person can be ejected from a set of poseballs, I am not looking to kick anyone but looking for how someone was kicked from a set of poseballs without picking the balls up.
  3. Is it possible to kick a user from a set of mulitple user poseballs, without ejecting all users. I was told if you try and tp the user home it will kick them from the ball only but they will remain in the area. If not what are other ways you may get an avatar off a set of poseballs and does it have to be the owner of the object only or can it be someone with rights to use the owners objects, I am not looking to kick anyone but looking for the technical way to do it if the situation arised. Putting an unsit script with a die command was mentioned, is it also possible to try and tp person and it will leave them with the being kicked from the balls and standing in place?
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