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  1. Apparently, if someone is using the Phoenix viewer, my avatar appears with my name (as it should) and also the words "The Engineer" above its head. I have no idea how, or why, this happened. (Or when, for that matter). I've had several people ask my if I'm an engineer in rl, what kind of engineer I am, etc. As far as I can tell, this only happens with Phoenix. I've asked friends who have been on sl for a long time, and no one has any idea what the problem is or what to do about it. (If by chance this is something I can fix using Preferences---what do I reset?)
  2. I bought a house for my land. I clearly didn't know what I was doing. And I received a message from my neighbors asking me to delete it because it was built across property lines. I went back, right-clicked and deleted. But the floorboards are still there and when I right-click there is no option to delete.
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