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  1. Hi there, I dont know what to try :p The problem is that if I log in, the sim rezzes, but i dont. I appear as a cloud and I can wait till forever to rezz. things I've tried or concluded: * rebake doesnt work. the viewer does pause for a few seconds, but doesnt have effect * logging in with another avi has the same results (though on the same sim) * my inventory doesnt rezz either. some items do, but other folders stay on "(loading...)" * other avi's appear like "??? ((loading...).)" on my radar * my name appears on the first like "???" and the second line "alecto.balan", like I changed my display name into something (but I didnt) * I cant TP to anywhere * I cant search for any land, just like the inventory it stays on searching and wont move on * in taskmanager (ctrl+alt+del) under network, the network doesnt have any activity. my viewer is the only thing Ive got running. * ALL problems occure in both viewer2 as in phoenix * logging in on Secondlife_beta has no problems at all (though it doesnt have my complete inventory there) * cleaning my cache of phoenix didnt work * rebooted the computer * reinstalled both viewers * internet speedtest shows my max speedtest and the ping to google is 17 average a friend logged in on my account and he didnt have the problems, though he was logged in on his own acount at the same time, so in that case I think its because he already has a connection to the grid, he can fetch the data of my account through that, but because I dont have a connection, I cant fetch. does anyone have the same problem or even better, a sollution ^^ thanks in advance ;)
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