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  1. Thanks.. That's good to know! D: At least it's not me or anything I did. I'll have to go try to 'downgrade' so to speak.
  2. No, it's not my connection because Phoenix never disconnects and neither do other online games.. Any online test says our connection is the best in the area. It's only Viewer 2. ):
  3. Viewer 2 has been crashing on me at start up every time for a week or so now. It gives an error when it 'finished' loading and says Problem with the region or something with the connection.. but internet is fine and phoenix will load. (Though I hate it and prefer to use Viewer 2.. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times now. Can anyone help? ):
  4. I've seen the rentals where you can rent a prebuilt/furnished home in a skybox.. But is there any way to rent a sky'platform' so to speak and pop your own skybox sized house on it..? I'm new to SL yet and I haven't rented any land or anything before. I'd love info on whether or not this is possible and if so any links to places that offer such services? I have been using search and the market but all I am finding is rentals for prebuilt and furnished homes... Thank you! D:
  5. In hopes of getting to choose a new one in a new location with different neighbors?
  6. I just got mine today too~ So congrats on that for you! When I went to mine the first time I was quite a ways above it but just hit stop flying and landed on top of mine. I would try the TP again or maybe try the one you got in your welcome e-mail. I used that one and landed right on top of my home no problem. (Maybe FLYING in the place you're in before you TP may help you to land ON it and not just standing in the middle of somewhere too! )
  7. I know it's silly.. but is there any kind of semi-decent property that won't cost me an arm and a leg? I'm hoping I don't come off as crazy for this.. but I'm tight on cash IRL, saving for a cross-country move unfortunately so my funds, the few I have, are mostly tied. Is there any realistic way to get property (decent looking, near water maybe) to build a moderate sized house? I was hoping to spend $20 or less(the less the better.. I still have no furniture, not many clothes, etc..) if I could manage it.. but all I'm seeing is property that would cost me $50+.. Also how do you determine the parcel size? I have the premium home but I can't add anything much due to parcels..? (How are you supossed to put ANY items in those free homes....?) Would I need to worry about this with my own decently sized land or wouldn't that be as much of an issue? Does the parcel amount kind of relate to the 'square footage' in a way? Also, will this raise what I pay monthly? I have a 9.99 membership right now I believe... Do I keep paying 10 a month, does it change at all? Thanks so much and I'm sorry for all the questions.. I'm trying to do the best I can to have an enjoyable SL experience and I really think having a place of my own would help! Thank you for your time!
  8. I ordered the item, it shows I paid and it was delivered but I never saw it in objects and when I search all my inventory for the specific item it isn't there.. What do I do? ):
  9. Like it says.. I just started playing, I have a premium account.. (I've been a member for years so the 15 days or however long isn't much of an issue.) Is there any easy way to find and purchase land? I have no idea what I'm doing basically but I do have an idea of what I want. I just have no idea what it will cost me or how to go about it. I have seen the auctions.. but I was hoping for a specific type of land or.. to customize it? To add a forest, pond, etc.. I'm not sure how all of that works or if it's even allowed. Is the only way to purchase land through the auctions? Can you just go explore and attempt to buy a plot somewhere undeveloped? I guess I'm wondering if there's some kind of real estate service if anything, and how much something like that would cost? I'm just looking for a small place of my own(but bigger than the standard linden home by somewhat) and I'm entirely too confused. Sorry for being a n00b. ): Thanks for your help.
  10. I just upgraded to a premuim account.. Now, if I chose their starter house does that prevent me from either a: building my own or b: purchasing a premade one in a shop somewhere and using that? If so, can I bypass it and purchase my own home of my choosing? Also I never got my 1000 bonus.. Help please? D:
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