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  1. Anyone have land to rent where i can set up my own house and please let the rent be cheap-atleast till i get a decent income of lindens. Or where can i find cheap hosues i can buy that are already set tup with furniture( sex beds, couches, chairs, tables, etc)
  2. i added a credit card to my account as well just so i can buy lindens so i become adult verified but for some reason mine still says update pending and i added it a while back mabye the beginning of this month when someone first told me about and now its alsmot the end of april and my card still hasnt updated can someone help please i wanna be able to go adult places like some of my friends but i cant cause this thing is taking FOREVER!!!!!!!:smileymad:
  3. Jobs at a horse ranch-if anyone know of a ranch that is hiring, please let me know who the owner is so I can IM them, also if any campgrounds that have horse but don't have many people taking care of them please let me know ho the owner is and ill IM them for more information-or if you have horses that need taking care of I will do it but for pay.
  4. If the are any ranches hiring or know some that are please let me know.
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