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  1. Hey just came back to SL and wanna get back to Djing, I like to play Indie and eletronic, but also play rock and metal too. I have a busy irl so I am only looking for 6pm-8pm positions, Clan clubs need not apply (sorry xD)
  2. Hey everyone, Club Obsessions is a new club opening t the public very soon and we are seeking out Hosts/Hostess & Djs to Fill up our time slots. We are looking for friendly reliable people to come have what will be an awesome time here with some great music. If you think your a good match for either position please reach Nelo Resident In-world for an app. Djs & Hosts recieve 100% tips Training avaible were applicable
  3. Hai Hai, I'm Nelo and I is currently looking for a few clubs to soak up my time, would love anything during the weekday's 6-10. My Background: Hosting @ Fire & Ice Jan- FebHosting @ Rock Utopia Jan - FebDjing @ Embraced Feb - MarchDjing @ Fetishist Feb - March Djing @ Club Infamy - Feb to AprilDjing @ Mojo Lounge - March to PresentYes i have my own streamYes i do take request.I play Rock/Metal and some PopI have a fan club but want to have the club to have a already firm pre-established fan club too, :)Sitting @ 893 songs
  4. Well i started off with machinima with WoW so I'm still adapting to the SL techniques, If you want a rough idea i threw this together in a few hours, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg2bIxyJ9oA (<- Isn't much of a producer if you didnt notice ) that channel has some of my old WoW stuff but nothing too much to mention yet. Tho I am being tasked with putting together a SL Wedding vid so that'll be something more note worthy for my portfolio lol.
  5. Hey peoples, I'm looking for a job :O. I do image editing, as well as video editing & filming. If you have anty question just hit me up ^^. Nelo Resident
  6. Nelo

    Copyright question

    Ya I agree with you, i was thinking it was something the SL admins handle, if that was the case i probably would of fought it, but for LL to step back and just as like a middle man for the court system to fight over the rights of selling gestures for virtual money is just silly. LL has disappointed me meh back to the drawing board. P.S to the first person that replied, not paying a lawyer 300 an hour to give me legal advice on 30l gestures......unless they take lindens as money ;D
  7. Nelo

    Copyright question

    I'm not so much asking advice , just a small probe before i decide my next move , as far as the second part i beg to differ under the terms of marketing it as a parody, people sell music covers, (i.e wierd al and such) and Unoffical guides to this and that. I just wanna see if anyone has been in the same situtation and if they were sucsessful or not.
  8. So i just found out much to my dismay that i had all 30 of the gestures i made stripped from the marketplace with Removed under our Intellectual Policy. message, and I didn't make entire songs, we are talking 10 second clips out of a 2 hour movie. So i wanted to know if its worth it to challenge it with a Counter-notification ir w/e its called reciting title 17, U. S. Code Section 107 http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#108 Particullarly (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; (10sec out of a 2 our movie) and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. And under Fair Use as a Paradoy in which they are especially 3 that previously were removed because of this and i re-edited adding heavy voice morphing beyond recognition of the orginal voice and reported it to the marketplace as a paraody -,-
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