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  1. I tried relogging to see if it would help, but still nothing. I also noticed that all but one post has "0" showing in the Kudos counter. So is this a system glitch? Any fix?
  2. Awesome job Venus!!!! Woooot!!! Actually, I was surprised by your creativity in fixing the problem...because rebaking and everything else I could think of wouldn't work! If anyone has a problem, you would be doing yourself a favor asking this lately for advice!
  3. This was fixed, and fast....thanks to the response and help by VENUS PETROV! This is an awesome lady....she was very quick to respond and very patient with this (cough) Noob in fixing the problem, fantastic job!!
  4. I was adding an item from my inventory to my avi, by dragging and dropping. My screen changed to a partial expanded view of my avi, nothing else is visible in the picture. The picture shows my avi from approximately the shoulders to the knees, with clothes and excessories, but frozen. I tried teleporting to see if that would return the avi to normal....didn't work. I tried several things, but nothing works. I exited secondlife and logged back in....still the same picture. I have no idea how to resolve this issue? Since I have put funds into this account, they are now in effect, at this point useless.
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