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  1. But in theory I could write a script that would go out and check to see of build/create is enabled or disabled for all my parcels http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetParcelFlags
  2. I don't know much about bots - are there any resources out there you could point me towards?
  3. I'm guessing I know the answer to this question, but i figured i'd ask anyway. Does anyone know if its possible to write a script in SL that could control and change settings on different parcels? Specifically, i'm looking for the abilty to toggle the build - everyone permission on and off.
  4. Well, it turns out this is "expected behavior". When you have public access enabled, it does not allow you to view what is in those boxes. However you can still add - go figure. Hopefully this helps someone else! And yes, I know that with public access I do not need to use those options - but I'm prepping for a class exercise where I need to disable public access and adjust settings.
  5. Either way, I put in a support ticket - so, we'll see what happens. Though, in the past linden labs support has been everything but helpful to questions and issues with our sim. Lets hope for a helpful response this time!
  6. Is there something else that has a version other than what I posted in my previous reply? Or is that what i'm after?
  7. Any suggestions on what to try? Rebooting the region didn't help the issue. Version: Second Life Server
  8. In the region/estate managment window, under alloed groups it shows: "Allowed groups: (3, max 63)". However, there is nothing listed in the box. I can add a group, but again - it won't appear in the box. So the questions to me is - how do I remove a group? Is this a bug in the 3.2.1 viewer? I have tried with both the sim owner, and also a couple of the estate manager accounts.
  9. Yikes, it turnes out there are almost 30 avatars that need this type of access - during multiple time periods. I think I may be SOL
  10. hmm, good point - that might work for a small amount of students. Ugh. I wish SL had a more robost premissions system.
  11. This would have to be for a extended durration - so that wouldn't work. If it was for a set timeframe that might work, but i would not be comfortable leaving a public sandbox open through the rest of this year.
  12. bummer! Thanks for the info and confirmation of my findings though!
  13. Thats what I was afraid of. And unless i'm missing it, it doesn't look like there is a way to add a group at the "estate" level where it could have build perms accross the sim.
  14. Greetings - I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question, so if anyone knows of a better location - i'm all ears. We have a sim that has a number of parcels on it which is being used for classes. I have a new project where an instructor wants to do an excercise over the entire area of the sim - but all of the students need build/rez rights. Is there any easy way to make this happen? Right now each on of our parcels has a different group owner and there are about 12 or 13 parcels. As a follow up to that, even if I went and added all of the users to the 13 parcels, will that
  15. is there a way to get email notifications when second life releases a new viewer update?
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