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  1. Can I move my advatar to another e-mail address without losing my Linden dollars that belong with it,plus it's inventory.... ChristineAngelHart
  2. Can and how do move a present avatar from one e-mail address to another as I don't want to lose my Linden dollars,I have with that advatar plus anything else.....
  3. I was wondering,is there a toll free telephone number to call SECOND LIFE,about questions,tech in nature?
  5. I know I'm not the sharpest penciel n the teacher's box,I've forgoton or think I've forgotten of what I've learned about the placement of real pictures from the real world and pictures taken in world.PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO DO IT AGAIN,TO MAKE AND PUT PICTURES IN FOR PROFILE,FOR IN WORLD AS WELL AS OUT.
  6. Were is by far, the place in Second Life,your likely to run into people who are voice enable?
  7. I tryed what you suggested , worked great,thank you so much Theresa..
  8. Every time I log on lately, the image of my avatar is not stable,parts of my avatar go shooting off in deferent directions. WHATS wrong, and how very easily can I fix it?
  9. Now that they have made all these changes to Second Life latrly, I don't know how to do somethings like I Yoiu too. Please tell me what I have to do, in order to get to Voice Island?
  10. I know this might be the wrong place to start a tech thread on this subject,but it's the only way I know how to start one. Ok, if you were going to go to, say Walmart to buy a headset/mic for $25.00 or below, which one would you get. Then after answering that question, what other nationly know store would you rather go to get it , for the same price?
  11. What are the names of the most popular places to talk in Second Life( Morph voice to morph voice),and how do you get to them, now,that they have changed the way you get informaion and teleportion to them? ChristineAngelHart
  12. WHY did they do away with what was called VIEWER 2? I KNOW, they left viewer 123, but I have never used it,because I never really liked it. All well, at least they left the beta viewer,and it was like viewer 2,but still.
  13. Why is it, I finally get setup I guess for voice chat, and there is never anyone who can voice chat with me at the same time
  14. Why are some avatars gray the whole time,I mean other people's? ChristineAngelHart
  15. Are there just so many things you can put on a avatar,or just in one place on a avatar that you can't see. I check my current outfit a lot,and items come up missing,and when I go to a sand all my clothes come off for no reason. ChristineAngelHart
  16. I know it won't mean much to most,but I finally manage to active my Garlic necklace. You who were working with me with it,knew how much trouble I had,and I wish to thank you. I really should of been able to do it, thank you again. ChristineAngelHart
  17. I have never seen the word activate or a blue screen,no mater if I;ve right or left clicked. I don't know what to do,nothing could really happen to my avatar anyway could it?
  18. I got a brand new garlic necklace put it on then right click it, however thr word active did not show up nor did a blue menu anywhere. I looked over in the area of my inventory too. ChistineAngelHart
  19. What are the instruction on garlic necklaces,I mean how do you turn them on or whatever? ChristineAngelHart
  20. I have been working on my voice again,however I don't feel I've gotten too much further.I guess I made contact with someone else,but I couldn't hear his voice,he typed even though he had voice. He claimed he could more or less hear my voice,because he did get it right,that I;m female and of course my voice suppose to be that. What I liked to know is,shouldn't I've heard his voice,you'd think. ChristineAngelHart
  21. I don;t understand, I went down the list of my current outfit,and while it said I was wearing it, I wasn't,and my avatar looked really strange. I mean skin maybe even shape was missing, eyes, underwear. Why ChristineAngelHart Love You All
  22. I can't get anything to work, I tried to hear my voice at Echo Island and couldn't and yes I did have a headset with a mic. on at the time, I can't hear the voice I paid for anywhere. What am I doing wrong?????????? ChristineAngelHart
  23. Does Second Life have offices and labs in other countries? What I mean is, in Second Life when your avatar goes to another country or suppose to be in one, is it really there? ChristineAngelHart
  24. Does Second Life have offices and labs in other countries? What I mean is, in Second Life when your avatar goes to another country or suppose to be in one, is it really there? ChristineAngelHart
  25. ChristineAngelHart


    I have a problem with sandlots,every time I go to one,I always end up naked and have to redress my self before leaving. it was suggested to me to use a different one next time,however the same thing happen again,help. ChristineAngelHart
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