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  1. how about that red lettering - wow
  2. my sujestion is that you try to talk to him about it if its really bothering you , maybe you dont have al lthe facts , maybe he is just being an ass either way you arent going to feel better untill you find out and then its up to you to expect the further drama , keep the friendship or if truely insulted and you dont think you can move past it and have the same friendship then go your own way but all realashionships take work even friends ships and alot of that comes from comminitaction - good luck to you and i hope it all works out
  3. 5 years is along time to not update anythng on your avi , time maybe be a problem but a person can do there avi and make it look very nice for nothing so stop the whining take the time to go around to the stores on the grid and get the freebies no woman is going to buy you a bunch of stuff - do the work repeap the reward
  4. hi my name is zaz i was in a poly relationship for two years owned by a couple , her and i spend lots of time together and built a wonderful relationship , i am still very good friends with the couple how ever rl forced its hand and things did come to an end , it had been two years now and i miss it and would love to talk i do voice manly because im a lazy typer but its not a requirement for me , would love to chat and maybe we can start with friendship
  5. i personally was in a D/s with a poly Master for two years he had one other girl besides myself , it was an eye opening learnig experince but prolly not the way most would expect you to grow. I fell absolutly in love with the other girl we did every thing together she is still a very dear freind. you will experince feelings of all forms from anger , jelousy, loneliness all normal and all a part of the growth the improtant thing to do is keep the lines of comminication open , talk about how you feel , to your faimly and maybe find a poly support group that they dont go to so that you can " verbely puke' with no repeructions and without fear of things getting back to the others and hurting there feelings . I personally loved it but its not for everyone and it does have its own set of challanges . Its a good thing to figure out how many other girls you are comfortable with , dont forget you need love and attention and sometimes Master spread themselves a little thin - remember commincation is the key to the circle of love that can be formed in a poly relationship , a sub support group would be good to for those same reasons , Blades edge bdsm club has sub support meetings every monday night at 6slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Concord/198/25/505 poly support group is on wednsday nights at 6slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Concord/198/25/50 i wish you the best it can be wonderful if you work at it :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. always looking you dont say to much about what it is you are looking for , im online a shamefull 10 + hours a day so maybe you can catch me for a chat and we go from there :matte-motes-oh-rly:
  7. i got a bit conused with the rl ,sl sl bother partner facebook , stuff my sujestion is do what makes your REAL LIFE a success do what you need to do in your REAL LIFE so your sl brother person ger mad they will get it over and you will find another sl partner brother person but your REAL LIFE should never be on the gambling table , in sl people only let you see what they want to and you may do some damage in your REAL LIFE and everyone that has been in sl for awhile always says REAL LIFE FRIST
  8. homosexual sex is not discussed in the books for what ever reason , i personally plaid aroud with flirting with the other girls, go to mix up the rp and it just seems its not culurarly a gorean thing , you will find alof of " typist' have a diffent avi sex then they are but thats about as close as you are going to get ,
  9. thanks so much i will give it at least a look around and who know :smileyhappy:
  10. love your avatar and everyone else will follow those who dont who cares and be happy wiht what YOU created
  11. hi there , may name is zaz , i host and love to do so , spend time with my friends who i love dearly , and build , i am looking to meet a Master who likes to explore, build, voice with friends, play games , be not only my Master but a champion , some one to share my sl with , someone to love ,spoli and serve . I seek the right Master not just any Master . Im fun loving , cheeky, sexy ,loyal and over all great chick :smileylol: msg me in world if you might like to have a chat :matte-motes-sarcasm:
  12. hello my name is zaz, i have a iittle store in in sl ' retro closet ' i have been a builder for some time i am up beat , freindly and in sl proly 10 hours a day or more , i love to help people i am from the USA i n the central time zone, a night owl my jobs in sl range from modling to stripping , 5 years old and dont plan on leaving sl any time soon . facebook is my friend ,
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