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  1. I want to start renting people off sky land (sky boxes). I have found scripts that keep track of rents and etc, but they don't actually rent land. What I mean is, how would I actually let the renter "rent" the land? As in, how do I give him building rights and etc.
  2. Syncing as in everybody being the same point in the movie. etc.they can leave and the move will keep on going
  3. I want to start a little movie theater but i notice that when i exit second life and log back in the movie just starts at the very beginning, is there any way to make it dynamic?
  4. I am a vehicle-maker and animator. If you need an animation or vehicle made please IM Auf Tucker
  5. Club Lost is looking for DJ's. You will be assigned to a specific day and time and you are expected to show up when scheduled. Please IM Auf Tucker. Note: You will get payed by tips, but every once and a while I may pay you with some lindens if you do your job.
  6. I am willing to work as an animator for low pay. please IM me: Auf Tucker I am on second life EST any time between 3-8 pm and i am on all day on weekends. I am very skilled at animating and have a lot of free time on my hands.
  7. I am a new resident and I need a job. I will accept low pay. About me: I am in the EST timezone. I am on second life 3-7 on week days and all day on weekends. Some ideal jobs for me would be: Security Guard Manager Greeter Accountant Buisniss Partner Writer Receptionist Factory Worker Advertiser Please IM Auf (I will be online all day today) Thanks and I look forward to working with you!
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