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  1. Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking for a pet, preferbly a dog. If you are interested please contact me in world (Amiyalavizzo Resident) We are both on at different times of the day, most of that we are on at the same time though. We have 3 children and looking to expand by 1 more child. Two of those children are bots, while the other is away due to rl so other than for rp purposes it would just be us. We live in a community sim and love to rp different things, so walks and fetch at the park plus any other crazy rp you wish to do is fine with us! We are not very picky people but we do expect the dog to look decent. Does not matter if it is a pup or adult dog. FYI- To those who look at this thread and is another pet other than a dog you are still more than welcome to IM me, as I said we are up for all RPs. 
  2. I have lived on many family roleplay sims in the past... wont name them of course.... but out of all of them Haven is my favorite! the staff is VERY helpful and always there when you need them, of course unless they are asleep. when i first came to haven i had no idea where the houses were that i could rent from (this was before i knew of the website) or the prims... but angel and india both were amazing and helped me a lot with finding the perfect home for me! not only is the staff amazing and always helpful i never get bored... and i get bored easily. on other community sims i kept to myself because everyone else did... but on Haven that changed. just by talking in group chat it is easy to find someone to rp with... or even start your own with the services. i have had some very interesting rps so far on Haven that i would have never imagined i would ever have. I made some new friends, i am apart of an amazing family now, and slowly having a family of my own. things i never thought would happen before i moved to Haven. Haven really is an amazing community and i am very greatful to be here with everyone!
  3. ok so a friend purchased something from the site to send to me and it took his L but i have not recieved it yet and it has been hours since then... any answers to this??
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