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  1. hi guys i am looking for djs and hosts asap i have a club nammed ne0n nightclub and we are looking for people who are wanting to make a good name for themselves as well as make them the lindens they need. i have had this club for a good few months now and ive decided i am wanting to turn it to be a long running sucessful club if this appeals to you and your wanting to check out the place please contact ne0n resident inworld the club is located here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/137/202/2498 I look forward to hearing from you
  2. Well here's the thing, I built a awesome building for a friend of mine ive linked all the parts needed for the base of the building and have put it into a rez -free box also making sure its all transferable!! then when i look again it says no tranfer ive looked at every indiviual piece and they all have the transfer box ticked! so my problem is what on earth am i doing wrong!!!!!
  3. basically i rezzed a full 100l tank in a sandbox here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ryu%20Valley/236/38/63 and it never showed inworld and never reapeared in my inventory
  4. well im making custom rings with animated textures on them and sstill pics dont quite cut it dows anyone know a good program to use that shows reat quality and doesnt recodrd the entire screen as theres limits to how much we can use to put on marketplace ty
  5. i would like to know how to do it i have items on marketplace that really need a gif demo would anyone know how to crop a gif please help me :)
  6. for example i was holdiday i used a ppc at the hotel and ordered a few things and once i came back from my holdiay i log in using the pc i always use for second life and none of the stuff i ordered gets delivered even tho the money has been taken for it all
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