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  1. I want to make or buy a notice bot that dosen't require comission for use. I don't know what is required to do this. on Market Place you can find alot of machines for $0 but pays the origionator $75 a week or whatever they want to charge for this service. If it is just the machine I would rather pay a few thousand for it than a comission but like I said I don't know whats involved. There is something spoken of it using a server? I am a simple person and doesn't understand a whole bunch of techinical lingo, so if you could break it down to Notice Bot for Dummies edition that would be great lol. Thank you so much, Shedevil Daysleeper
  2. I am well aware of finding my Order History on Market Place. I am also aware of what the word delivered means and I didn't purchase 24 items at a time. Yesterday i wrote a comment in here about buying 12 things from market palce that i never recieved. Well I sent messages and notecards to each seller which I have done in the past with no problem at all. The builders I purchase from are usually really great about that kind of stuff..........HOWEVER........ 2 of the things i purchased were Meeroos which are non copy and only one available. As soon as the transaction was made it became unavailable on the store page. I never got it and the seller no longer has it, so it is somewhere in market place land between her and me and there is nothign either of us can do about it. I spent 800 Lindens and I want my Meeroos. It is not her fault because she is just as much victim to this as im. I really don't want to hear how to prevent it from happening again becasue I already read the first response to the last message and I appreciate the adive. What I want to know is How to get the meeroos I already bought. P.S Apparently this happened to 3 other people I know last night and who even knows how many others, so I do not believe this is an Isolated incident where the buyer is automatically blamed. There is no such thing as coincindence. Thank you, Shedevil Daysleeper
  3. Can you please Help me resolve the matter of my products not being delievered. I purchased 12 items tonight on market palce and did not recieve any of them and my money is gone. they all say they have been delievered to me but they have not. ty, shedevil daysleeper
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