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  1. Ever since the recent V2 update, I have had missing inventory and all of my landmarks, notecards, etc. are missing as well. The folder names are there, but more than half are entirely empty. Yes, I am aware that SL went through an inventory maintenance earlier (i always check grid status first)... but this is an issue I am experiencing AFTER the 'all clear' had been announced. I have already tried the approaches that would normally work to resolve this problem. I have cleared cache and also cleared history... logged off and back on... both to my 'home' location and to another sim (on the outside chance it was somehow a sim related issue). Ran maintenance on my PC as well (disc clean and defrag), to help rule out any possible client side issues. I even uninstalled and reinstalled my SL Viewer... but there was no change. At this point I am at a loss. I now have no way to access my landmarks in order to move about in SL... and nearly all of my poses/animations are AWOL, as well as large portions of my wardrobe. Also, I made a purchase via the SL Marketplace today, sending several items as a gift to another av... and they failed to receive either item (but my account was billed for the L$). May or may not be related in any way. Any helpful feedback would be appreciated. What should I try next???
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