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  1. hey i tried google chrome and it worked.. thanks a bunch for your suggestion.
  2. yes, i'm trying to create an "ALT" character. I get that page, but no avis pop up.
  3. from the "choose an avatar" screen, i don't see any avatars. Is something wrong with the webpage?
  4. how do i remove a member from my group? will removing him from the group keep him from being able to rezz at my house?
  5. i dont want to transfer my account; i want to transfer my avi... much like transferring clothes or lindens or hair. the person i want to transfer my avi to already has a separate account of his own.
  6. yup.. i bet that's what it is.. i had the same prob until i bought a new skin.
  7. I spent alot of time and money on making an alt avatar that looks, dresses, and behaves fabulously. well, looks like my 1st avatar has developed a slush (2nd life crush) on my alt avatar and wants to be able to interact with him. i don't want to log on under two different viewers and control both avis at the same time. i have a friend who just opened an account, who loves my fabulous avi and wants to take him for his own. Is it possible to gift/transfer an entire, totally complete avatar to another account not belonging to me? If so, how?
  8. i can't find them.. i can only find the notecard that tells me how to size it. what's the difference between copy and transfer?
  9. well.... the particular item i'm having trouble with is a necklace. apparantly, it was "tranfer only"... so where did it go? it's not in my inventory. the only thing in my inventory is a note card telling me how to size it.
  10. since my only choices when rezzing items are "copy to inventory" and "copy and wear", how do i "transfer" an item into my inventory? i have lost more items than i care to admit because i can't figure out how to do this. I'm getting tired of buying things and not being able to use or wear them.
  11. i created a group and added my alts as members. i set my linden home to that group on the first tab in "about land." i still cant figure out how to get my alts to my linden home. i can't offer them a teleport coz they can't be online the same time i am. i cant send them a landmark coz my linden home is not recognized on the world map. i'm using the phoenix viewer.
  12. how do i make my linden home show up in the world map so my friends can find it?
  13. how do i create a group? i use phoenix viewer (if that is importance)
  14. can i change my avitar's sex? will the game recognize my avitar as being the new sex?
  15. how do i set all 3 of my avitars preferences so that all 3 are able to use my linden home as their home base?
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