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  1. My name Is Charlotte i been on here for 2 years & Month Im Currently Looking for Job.. I have Some Experience , im interested in Modeling , Teaching , Photography..Salesman , Waitress ,. Anything!::matte-motes-smitten: I May need Little Training , but other Than That im Good. Just Looking for Well paid Job..
  2. Hello , I'm Currenting looking for a Job , I've been Playing for 9 Months , I Tried Dancing , Escort , Eh Not Really Interesting in it anymore , I Would love to try new things , Like Building , Scripting , ETC & More :) I Catch On To Things pretty Quick.
  3. I just bought a Hair and im wearing it but everytime i rotate i see a bald spot how can i fix this?=) PLEASE HELP
  4. I really want to work at a Good Photo Studio...But I want to take lessons on how to become a great photography like practice & stuff...Please someone can help me out & answer Meh Question=)
  5. I really want to try out Modeling..even though i never been a model i would like to become one=) (Looking to become a Model=)
  6. well i could always learn how to do new things im up for anything
  7. I need a job with good payout..:smileyvery-happy:
  8. I'm looking for a descent job like as being a Model or something.Ijust need a good paying job.:smileyvery-happy: Also willing to take Model classes or Photo & Graphic designer classes to learn things & become creative(= Please help me out..
  9. Hi, Can someone help me please I'm trying to buy Lindens but everytime i try it says: We are unable to complete your request. Could not charge account.The system encountered an error while processing your order, please try again.I dont know why it's saying that and I've filled out my Billing Information and my status says: Active, I'm in the US also.I went to account abnd update billing information...could that be my problem??? and i need to use Paypal??I have a Prepaid Visa Card. my status says Active..i dont get why i cant buy Lindens. Someone please post and help me out here.:smileyindifferent:
  10. I cannot buy Lindens it keeps saying (Credit Card Pending) also i just figured it has to be confirmed by a bank how do i confirm my credit card, well someone please help me im really trying to buy Lindens. (Note: Thank you for adding your credit card. You can use your payment method once it has been confirmed by your bank. Note that the confirmation process typically takes a couple of seconds, but can take a few minutes on some occasions. For more information please visit Second Life Answers by clicking here.)
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