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  1. This is horribly callous of me to say, but I dont see a reason to be praising the Lindens here. If all they are doing is donating the funds that residents pay for the bears, how are the Lindens helping? The way I see it they are profiting from this. They collect fees when residents are exchange dollars for Ls. The residents donate those Ls in good faith to this incredible cause; that is of course after the Lindens have taken their cut. I realize the Lindens intentions may have been good here, I just think that it may actually require a little more on their part than primsmithing 5 or 8 prims together. The total effort constructing the bears had to have been no more than five minutes. How about the Lindens match the funds donated by the residents? If there is no other gesture from the Lindens, your and my dollars are be better spent with the Red Cross directly. Just follow the link Kim Linden provided in the blog entry.
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