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  1. I'm wondering. I'm unable to call on the phone. I'm in canada if it makes a difference.
  2. Winter - I just tried relogging again and it worked this time! Thanks for help you both.
  3. Knowl - I typed in 'worn' and I found the thing. Turns out its 2 items. They both have the white tank top symbol beside them. When I click take off, nothing happens. I can't change my skin as I have a anthro cat avvie.. it got stuck to that. I tried changing my shape a bit but it still won't come off. edit;; I am a PG resident. Does that mean I can't change my top?
  4. I put on this top like a week ago and it won't come off now. I've tried restarting and take off all clothes option, nothing works I tried. This happened to me many times before too. They only came off after a long time and I'm not sure what I did to do it. Any ideas or help? :smileyhappy:
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