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  1. I crash whenever I try to edit any of my profile information in client. Is it possible to edit your profile from the second life website instead? I have been unable to find any links or pointers thus far..
  2. Thanks Venus I guess so.. I had a lot of trouble with this before the tragedy in Japan though.. Nice that theres charity going on here for it! good on you! I would shop in world more but its not really convenient with a slower internet speed. I'm yet to find out how to search efficiently for the right places yet either.. Guess I may just need to learn
  3. Hi there. I have only recently started using SL and its a lot of a fun! Problem is though that time after time items I buy on the market never arrive... The first time I ever bought stuff was my fault.. I went over the limit of items to deliver at a time and I learned my lesson and got my items re-sent. Weeks later though, multiple times buying stuff through paypal.. I am right here with SL open as I'm checking out.. I wait and wait for the little box icon to show up and then check my delivery status, and it says its been delivered! So I send in a ticket and list the items that have not shown
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