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  1. i can't find it in a search. I didnt leave the grou i created. help please.
  2. i haven't placed anything in the house... it's empty idk what i'm doing... why can't i rezz anything in my new linden home? it says that i'm not the owner.... how do I become the owner of my linden house that I got with the membership? i do not have a tag for the land... do I need one? Details of Deanie's HomeRegion Name:Great RadnikParcel Name:Deanie's Place Theme Selected:MeadowbrookHouse Design:Mountain View 2SLurl:View on Map
  3. i've downlaoded 3 viewers. I use Phoenix view. I uninstalled & reinstalled it... still no music, no av, no friends list, no groups list also the same with viewer & firestorm. help please. I've tried tp'n to help island, & all 3 systems shut down the viewers. help
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