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  1. The point is that in my country the ID card doesn't have the full adress...or wait, it just meant the city and state? because if that's all, that is on the ID card, but if they need the exact adress (street, house number, etc) its not there...
  2. Hello, i got a problem with my last credit process, now they asked me for some documentation (ID card and the telephone bill with my adress). The problem is that in my house i dont pay the bills, it's my mom who does so my name wont appear on any bill obviously, i sent the ID card scan but the second part is a problem and i dont know what to do to release my money. This is what they asked me for: 1. Submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID with address via NetVerify: · Please be aware that multiple attempts to upload your photo ID may cause the link to no longer function as designed.
  3. I dont know if you get me, i mean an script that for example if i have a mesh cat, tiger and lion atached, and i want is: when i click the hud the cat mesh hides and then the tiger mesh shows, and if click again the tiger hides (obviously the cat is already hiden) and turns to lion, like a sequence but using a 1 click hud thats all, please help me, thanks.
  4. Hi, i want to know how to make an animation using mesh objects, i have 4 mesh, all i want to make is a sequence, it should be ; 1)make appear the mesh 1 2)make it transparent/dissapear and instantly 3)make appear the mesh 2 4)make it transparent/dissapear and instantly 5)make appear the mesh 3 etc, etc, etc i know its possible, but i dont know what kind of script i need for it how can i do that? thank you
  5. Hla, necesito saber si podria hacer esto de cancelar una retirada de credito hecha hace minutos lo que sucede es que quedo un dolar en la cuenta y quiero sacarlo tambien por eso quiero cancelar para volverlo a hacer, se puede hacer eso?
  6. Solo camina haga lo que haga, AYUDA! please, haga lo que haga mi avi no corre uso el Phoenix Viewer y Firestorm y nada, no corre tan solo camina y se lo siente pesado es desde ayer por la tarde que pasa esto y no es por el lag ya que he tenido peor lag y eso nunca impedia correr, no se por que será eso, ayuda please..
  7. Thank you friend, but. we're not a premium users =/
  8. My brother have a account created in: 27/08/2010, but he has never played, he want to play now but he maybe have many e-mails and he dont remember the registration e-mail and password, then, dont can enter in the game. How he can know what is the e-mail that he used to register? Is the problem, dont know what is the e-mail
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