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  1. I tried that already actually. I uninstalled the program and deleted the entire program and reinstalled it several times. I guess I'd just have to wait a couple more months and see what happens :-\
  2. I have been trying for the longest while to login to SL. Initially I was able to login and start playing but now I don't know what has happened. On the login page, it gets to "Waiting for Region Handshake" and then a message comes up saying that there may be a problem with my internet connection (or course not) of the SL grid. I have read several threads and suggestions, I have uninstalled and reinstalled SL, I have opened up the ports and blah blah blah and still I can't connect to SL!!!!! Nohing helps! I really want to get back into SL! None of the other virtual worlds are as interesting and I also want to invite my friends into SL...but how can I when I cannot connect?!?!?!? Please, I am about to give up on SL... :( :( :( Help??? NEW NOTE... To everyone who contributed, Thank you very much for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I had tried most of them before already and they had not worked. I guess I'd just have to wait another few months and see what happens. Thank you again for your generous contributions :):) Hope to be back on soon!
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