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  1. Innula Zenovkas answer doesn't work this time around. I have tried using a brand new laptop that hadn't previously had SL installed. It's the account that has been corrupted, not the software. But since it seems to be happening to a lot of people it would seem the corruption resides on the Linden servers. Pure conjecture on my part but it seems to fit the known facts.
  2. I'm having the very same problem. I searched Google and got a suggestion saying I should do a completely clean reinstall but this hasn't helped. I have invested too much in this avi to lose it. I hope someone has the answer.
  3. I was so worried when I found lots of my expensive goodies missing from inventory. I followed your steps 1-3 and straight away I got everything back. This page is now bookmarked since I know my friends will need this in future!
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