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  1. for added reassurance, there really should be a block option on people's profiles as one of the options under the 'cogwheel' tab and also on the im window when someone tries to contact you. i could only find that option on the 'nearby' and 'my friends' tab after the 'people' tab when right clicking on a person's name. this means if they are abusive, you have to hope that they're nearby or even have to add them as a friend, hope that they accept, block them then remove them from your contacts which is a bit daft :S
  2. i spend a lot of time in the 'dark alley' sex roleplay sim but i am still trying to get the hang of roleplaying. can anybody give me any advice, please? i am especially grateful to anybody who can give me any advice about what emotes i should do and what sort of things i should say when 'in character' in the local chat as a lot of my friends on second life are also in 'dark alley' a lot but, unlike me, seem to be better at roleplaying. it would be extra helpful if people helping here were also in 'dark alley' a lot so they can help me with the roleplay in the actual parcel as well as on this forum (i will add them as a friend there if they go there a lot too). cheers for all contructive help!
  3. not happy about how long it is taking for me to have my account verified so i can access adult content. i tried to type my passport number for the automatic age verification process but it was not accepted. i then tried to set up a payment relationship with linden labs hoping to get it verified that way by giving my debit card details in the hope it would be matched up with their records but that did not work. i could not email for help as basic members are not allowed to ask about this topic so i then tried to find the live help which was difficult as there was no clear option to go to it on any of the early help pages. i did eventually find it but was told to email images of my passport, bills, etc to a separate email address. once i did that, i was told the images were not visible and so i had to attach them to files. once i did that, i was told the images were not clear enough so i had to retake the images then reattach them to new files before resending them. eventually, i was told that my account was verified but i still cannot access adult land. couldn't linden labs had made the whole verification process simpler or, at the very least, made the verification help pages easier to get to? also, if linden labs are so scared and paranoid that kids can pretend to be grown-ups so they can access adult content that linden labs insist on people sending lots of bills and other verification with the images having to be crystal clear, then why not simply have no adult content AT ALL
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