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  1. I was wanting to sell linden dollars, but wasn't sure if my debit card will be credited. I purchased the lindens via my debit card. I appreciate any assistance with this matter. =)
  2. I use Phoenix, I can't get an item of clothing to detach. Help
  3. TaxieCat

    phoenix font size

    How do I enlarge my local chat and IM chat font? I am usng Phoenix
  4. Error message Server experiencing unexpected difficutties. I use the most recent version of Phoenix. Please help.
  5. when I go to use my mouse look, get a hand with a lock on it, why is this happening? I'm using Phoenix viewer
  6. I had the same problem the minute the update was installed. I am currently using Viewer 2. Is there a fix for this yet? I had to download Phoenix in the meantime, but I would prefer to use V2. Help!
  7. How do I change my display name in V2?
  8. I have the same problem, started after the last upgrade. Can we report it? It is getting very annoying
  9. Thank You, LoveAngel, I appreciate the assistance!
  10. I just got partnered and would like to change my avatar's name, is this possible?
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