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  1. hi here now my Halloween Outfit a scarry Fairy^^.
  2. hey iam Mia a new one witch trying to create Fashon. So now i looking for ur opinion because my Frendlist is short. Most of my Onlinetime i use to give my Dreams a Face. İ hope to found on this Way maybe someone whos new in Creating too would be fine to share experience. İam not professionally Desinger but i try my best. Thanks this one is my newes Creation
  3. hi İch bin Mia :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: ich bin eine junge deutsche Modedesignerin und suche Leute die sich auch so sehr für Fashon intressieren wie ich oder die auch mit Mode arbeiten zum İdeen austausch oder auch für gelegedliche zusammenarbeiten. İch intressiere mich auch für Desinger aus anderen Branchen wie Haare Möbel oder was es sonst noch alles schönes giebt hier in Second Life. Das is ein Teil meiner Arbeiten.
  4. hi i would like to model for u too. İ love Fashon and i like to make beautyfull Photografic. thats my pic İam glade if u İM me.
  5. hi i not so old like u but i like to build. Nearly my alltime iam at Creating new thinks. İf u would like to İM me would be nice to talk u. Cant reach ur ingame name.
  6. hello İ looking for a cuple of Frends (prefer Female) with the same İntrests like my. İ have a littel new own Shop where i try to create some Clothes for Woman nearly all my online time iam there to try out Dresses but i like to try new Thinks all aroud Crafting and Painting. İ like virtual Pets. İam 28 (ah in 2 weeks 29 :-) ) U can write me english or german.
  7. hello i play sl now some month but iam to shy so i am lonly in second life and dont know so much. i intrest creativ arts and i like to paint. i am here in sl that i can relax from my day but alone its a bit bored. i looking for some 2 or 3 realy good frendly people around my age 28. u can write me english and german. so if u like to im just do it to MiaMariposa
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