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  1. Awesome, what is the LM/or coordinates for it?
  2. I've been in SL since January of this year, and I haven't found a good Grecian role-play sim. I RP in Cadiar Braeden, and I like it a lot there, so if there is a sim that is similar to that atmosphere..Awesome :) Thanks for reading and answering! -Eruviel
  3. Yeah, my mic is cheap and I just figured out how to adjust the volume. Thanks for the tip <3
  4. I have an hour left in my set, but if you want to tune in, or join us at The Shark Tank in Cherry Bay, then please do so and give me some constructive criticism <3 I play mostly electronic music, with some 'modern' music mixed in. I'll most likely keep playing for the hell of it lol :) But, we shall seeeeee. SET OVER :) Here is the link to the stream: And the ip: And, my name is Eruviel Resident, so IM for the LM if you want it ^_^
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