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  1. Hello! I was curious if there were any second life iPhone 6 apps around in development or existing. It seems that the ones that I had before like Metaverse and Sparkle IM are not compatible with this phone. Thanks for any information you can provide!
  2. Got yaoi? We sure do! Mugen Kuppuku Island is a roleplaying area dedicated to the Japanese genre of yaoi. We've been on the grid since 2005, and although our location and look has changed over the years, we remain dedicated to the drama, fantasy, intrigue - and of course, boys love that we all love. Find us at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Harbour/34/176/831 Browse our forums at: http://mkacademy.freeforums.org Find our tumblr at: http://mugen-kuppuku-rp.tumblr.com/ Anyone with a love of yaoi is welcome to join us!
  3. Hello! I am looking for a reputable and experienced mesh clothing creator to comission for the creation of a school uniform. If you are interested, then please contact me at Sora Rasmuson. I'll be happy to discuss price and give you information on what it is that I would like. :)
  4. Hello! I am looking to comission someone to create a mesh school uniform for the roleplay sim that I admin at. It's a pretty big project, and I'm hoping to find a reputable mesh creator that we can trust to make our uniform dreams come true. If you are interested, then please contact me inworld at Sora Rasmuson. We're currently shopping around for quotes, and we'd love to hear yours!
  5. Hello! I am looking for a mesh clothing creator to create a uniform for the roleplay area of Mugen Kuppuku Island. We would like this clothing to be rigged with both standard sizing and a fitmesh version of the uniform. We already have a design picked out. If you are interested, please contact Sora Rasmuson in-world. I have all the details of this transaction in a notecard ready to go, and am more than happy to discuss the details. Right now we are looking for quotes on what we want to see how much it will cost. Thank you very much for considering our commission!
  6. Lately, I've been asking myself the question - is yaoi dead in Second Life? Once upon a time, it was a thriving community, an there were plenty of yaoi themed sims around to prove it. Now the numbers are dwidling, and I wonder if maybe the people who love yaoi are scattered about the sims, or if they're simply leaving Second Life. Either way, yaoi lovers everywhere, this is for you! Mugen Kuppuku Island is one of the last bastions of yaoi roleplay in Second Life. Our story includes politics, power, fantasy and intrigue. The scenario is an island located off the coast of modern Japan. Its population of rural Japanese people has contended with rapid development recently. The founding of a local university for the elite has caused a takeover of local businesses and resources. The cultures of wealthy and poor are clashing, and rumors of homosexuality, spiritual evils and power mongering are abound. If you are a roleplayer who is a fan of yaoi, then Mugen Kuppuku Island is the place for you! On the other hand, if you're just a fan of yaoi, then feel free to hang out in our out of character area and just shoot the breeze with us. We would love to rebuild the yaoi community that we love in Second Life. Please join us if you support yaoi! Forum: http://mkacademy.freeforums.org Blog: http://mugen-kuppuku-rp.tumblr.com/ SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Harbour/37/126/753
  7. Mugen Kuppuku Island This is my first time posting in these forums, so please forgive me if I'm committing the horrible sin of posting in the wrong place. I wanted to introduce to everyone to my hunting grounds: Mugen Kuppuku Island. Mugen Kuppuku Island is a small roleplay area located in the River Harbour sim. It is considered a rural island off the coastline of Japan, where new development is occurring in the form of schools, local businesses and commerce. Although male/male relationships are the focus of the roleplay, all characters of all genders, preferences and walks of life are allowed to play there. At Mugen Kuppuku, we emphasize drama, we have fantasy, and so much more. All we need is the player base to really fill out or little niche on the River Harbour sim. We are a closed RP, which means that you have to go through character acceptance. However, we readily accept people applying to be game masters, because we know that it's the players that move a story. If you're interested in our roleplay, then feel free to TP in to our OOC area here: River Harbour We also have a presence on the web in forum form: mkacademy.freeforums.org We welcome anyone and everyone who loves yaoi! See you in character. :)
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