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  1. Our goal at Flawless is to make everyone feel welcome and to provide customer service above what is expected. The sim recently underwent a complete renovation and we are currently seeking original content, fashion designers whose designs we feel would benefit the sim. If you are a designer who creates your own products (Legally sourced templates and full perm parts are allowed as long as you make them your own!), then we would welcome you to apply for a spot on the Flawless sim. (Please read everything but the link for the application is at the bottom of the page.) What's available? We currently have stores of the following sizes and prices available. 50 prims - 350L/week 250 prims - 1750L/week 300 prims - 2100L/week 500 prims (reserved for a main store) - 3000/week Rent is due weekly before the time runs out. If you miss the payment date, you will have to pay two weeks at a time because the way the boxes are set up, you have to pay for the current week plus the next week if you go over. You can pay up to eight weeks at a time. Please feel free to visit the sim at any time and look around at the various shops that are available as well as the shops that are already established. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Flawless/68/129/22 What can Flawless do for you? We are a shopping sim with an excellent reputation and a nice stream of steady customers. We offer events on the sim every other month which generally bring a good amount of extra traffic. Also, Flawless is home to the Designer Showcase, a monthly event which brings a great number of designer fashions under one roof where items are offered at a discount. This is a very popular event and one that helps to bring new traffic to the sim, constantly. The sim is currently home to 5 main stores and we hope to add an additional 1-3 more main stores on the sim. The more main stores there are, the more traffic the sim has so anyone wanting a main store will have priority over others who apply. All stores on the sim are permitted to release information pertaining to your Flawless store through the sim's subscribomatic which currently has over 1000 members. Just simply give your notecard to Kira Paderborn when you are ready to make your announcement. There is also no main landing point on the sim. Every store has its own landing point. There are some great places on the sim for hanging out and we have bikes available for customers to drive around on and have fun. Main stores will also enjoy the following perks: 1) Your parcel will be sold to you so that you can advertise in the classifieds and rename your parcel as well as add your own personal description. 2) You will have direct access to the subscribomatic to use when you need to 3) You will have priority on space if you decide to participate in the sim events that occur every other month. 4) Those renting the largest 500 prim store will enjoy a reduced tier fee. 5) Main store owners are encouraged to hold events of their own on the sim. If you have an idea of something you would like to try, please let me know! What exactly is expected of you on the Flawless Sim? We expect that you will frequently update your store with items that are current in your main store. Also, at least once a month, you are required to offer an item that is unique to the Flawless sim. This is an exclusive item that you will only be selling on Flawless for the month. After the month is over, you can sell it in any of your other stores. These exclusive and unique items should be clearly marked and placed in your store at the beginning of each month (no later than the 5th of the month) and shall remain in place until the last day of the month. In addition, this item must be representative of your store and you must advertise this item to your groups and subscribers. After reading all of this, if you are still interested in being a part of the Flawless family, I would ask that you fill out an application online and one of the staff will be with you as soon as we possibly can. Find the application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1W_NtYAKneYe3qqYTiVo4EAynDxgfzTTYcK1aXpoCyUY/viewform If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can. Sincerely, Kira Paderborn Style by Kira CEO
  2. We are looking for two full sims that are connected. We will need the sims from March 2 - April 2. If you have two sims that are apart and can move them together, we can discuss that too. Please contact Kira Paderborn if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. Full sim for quick sale. Payment needs to be made by the 22nd. Tiers will be paid until the 22nd of next month. You have a full month before you have to pay your next tier. The cost of the sim is $475USD paid directly to my paypal or $123,000L paid directly to my account. You will receive full ownership of the land upon payment. There will be NO waiting for LL. I will transfer the land to you immediately so you will be in control of the land during the transfer process. Transfer should not take longer than a day anyway. The sim is currently named Je Suis. You will have the right to change this name. If you are looking for a great place for a business, this may be perfect for you because there is already a well known store on the premises. You could gain some residual traffic. You will have the right to change the name of the sim and move it to a different location. All fees are included in this sale. $475 pays for the sim, the next month's tier and the transfer fees. This is more than half off the LL price of a sim so it is a great bargain! Please contact Kira Paderborn in world with questions.
  4. *** Commercial/Residential 4096 parcel for sale - 1313L/week with 937 prims. Your land purchase pays for the first 4 weeks of rent. Buying this land gives you full control of the media and land terraform. No clubs allowed. Breedables are allowed as long as sim performance is still good. Land currently has fully furnished homes on them but the land can be cleared for your own items. For more info and photos of the land, please take the following link. You will get direct LMs to each spot by clicking the photos where you land. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Flawless/106/93/27
  5. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Corrupted%20Innocence/99/167/28 The land is currently separated into four seperate parcels. If you want the land in one parcel, please contact Kira Paderborn. To purchase, please click on each parcel and pay the first 4 weeks rent to the parcel. After the first time, payment may be made on a weekly basis. The land is priced at 5250L/week for the 4 parcels. The total cost for all 4 parcels for 4 weeks is 21,000L. Your purchase of the land will pay for the first 4 weeks of rent. In other words, the land is free, you are only paying the first 4 weeks of tiers. If you have questions or comments, please contact Kira Paderborn.
  6. No clubs allowed. There is currently a house on the land. If you like the house and want to keep it, it will count as 259 prims on your land. If you do not want the house, Kira Paderborn will remove it. Your purchase of the land will pay for the first 4 weeks of rent. In other words, the land is free, you are only paying the first 4 weeks of tiers. If you have questions or comments, please contact Kira Paderborn. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Corrupted%20Innocence/102/115/22
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