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  1. I had uninstalled newer version of blender just to use 2.49 since it matched the main tutorial I was following. The one problem I had, that for the life of me I could not find in 2.49 was where to check the vertex groups and unfortunately the tutorial assumed I knew. I may just uninstall 2.49 and go back to the newer blender and just bone heat the skeleton in place. I can't recall the exact words of the error but the first popup was "export error" while the second if I recall correctly had to do with checking the python console I think? That error led me to believe I was having an issue with Python, except the default avi would export without issue. Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. I've been trying to export (as a Collada) my own shape as a rigged avatar in Blender 2.49. I have followed two different tutorials one of which is specifically for rigging your own avatar shape by copying bone weights from the default avatar. The second tutorial rigged the avatar via bone heat instead. On both methods Blender gives me an export error. I can export the default avatar fine, so I have no idea what the issue is. As far as I can tell I followed everything exactly as documented in both tutorials more than once. An help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Basically I'm trying to make an emitter for smoke rings out of an avatars mouth. So in the code I have to keep the rings together for the most part so unfortunately Burst Speed must be the same and the angle Begin must be 1*PI, hence the issue with having to use accel to force the particle ring forward otherwise it just bursts outwards around the prim. I don't know if that is somehow effecting GetRot so that it isn't working or not. I did start from scratch with the code posted and changed the particle settings to what is needed and it still headed for the global sim positioning instead of the avatar, even with a reset.
  4. I'm trying to make a particle emitter attachment that requires the use of the Accel vector. My problem is that I cannot get it to push locally by avatar rotation and not sim rotation. I've implemented llGetRot and it does work but only for the rotation of the prim when the script first starts and it does not follow it after that. If I put in a blank root prim and used ||GetRootRotation instead would that follow the root's rotation constantly or will it only check upon startup like ||GetRot is doing? Is there an extra bit of code I need to add? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. That would be the problem. Prim rotation needs to be able to determine where the particles go, however by default Accel makes particles travel in the direction based on the sim coordinates and not the prim's. It won't aways go through the back of the head hence the ect. What I probably need is an extra bit of code to force the script to check the rotation of the prim and go by the prim's rotation. I had found one bit but I cannot get it to work.
  6. I'm working on a mouth attached particle emitter and I cannot get Accel to be local and not global so that the particles always come out the mouth and not through the back of the head ect. Thanks to anyone who can offer some help! **Extra note** Rotating the prim does nothing to change the flow of the particles. I am using the Accel feature so the particles are blown outwards and it uses the global positioning of the sim and not of the rotation of the prim. My script does not have any code in it that would tell the particles to follow the rotation of the prim, this is the problem I am having. I had found a code but even after implementing it, it did nothing, possibly due to not implementing it correctly. Sorry for any confusion
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