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  1. I have just verified that the sim owner did not return my items, which means it would have had to be a LL represenative.
  2. All the stuff that was lost was indeed no-copy. Very expensive sex equipment. But how can I find out who exactly returned my Items? because I have already gotten rid of the grouped jump I received back, and deleted what i didn't need, like the walls and floor, etc. That's all I really got back to begin with.
  3. I know it was adult in a mature area, we set up warning signs of 18+ material, but fact of the matter is, the club was reported by a 16yo, and I have already spawned everything I got back. like I said, they gave me the CLUB. The walls and floor, etc, but everything that was inside the club? Gone.
  4. How can I find the name of who returned them? I might have logged onto my phone which doesn't give special notifications, etc.
  5. Hello. Recently, I had a parcel of land that I made an adult club in. It was in a mature Area, but the Sim owner said it was okay. After I log on one day, Linden Labs says they tore down everything and returned my stuff accordingly. Well, They did give me the CLUB. The exterior walls that is, but all my equipment, beds, chairs, tip jars, adboards, all that stuff is gone. Poof. I can not find them in my inventory at all, I have rezzed every grouped object trying to find it, but everything is simply gone. 200k worth of stuff has been taken from me. Can Linden Labs DO that? I mean really. Its like selling you a product, and then stealing it back. Is there some way I could get my stuff back? Character inventory reset of some kind? Help would be appriciated.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to scripting in Second Life. I simply have a linked object., I only want to change transparency in certain parts of the object. Everything in the link I want transparent is named "Trans" and everything else is not named that. So how may I accomplish this?
  7. Well here's the thing I'm learning now, Is that the furnature taht is broken is ones that have not spawned any poseballs yet. Is there settings that enable friends to click the object to cheate said object balls?
  8. It does not have those options. I tried "Sharing With Group" But when I checked it, I could not uncheck it... What's wrong with that?
  9. Is something wrong? The land we're in is group owned, but apperently the furniture I own will only respond with my friends if I am currently offline. This must be some kind of ownership deal, right? How can I take this off? :<
  10. Well then let me ask... Has anyone had past experience in their group of members not being able to change their tag due to it being blacked out?
  11. That responce did not help me one bit, except the support ticket part. How can a group even become defective? I'm asking how I can make it to where other members don't have a greyed out box for a dropdown menu of tags they can have.
  12. Hello everyone. I own a group, and I have differen't roles in them. Each role includes a different tag, for special events etc. I want users to be able to change their tage willingly, but nothing more. I ask them to be able to change their tag, but they say it's blacked out. So I'm guessing they can't? What options do I even have? I also wanted to know if it's possible to have new members automatically get assigned to other roles by default... Help would be appriciated, thanks!
  13. It seems that my account has a -$44.89 USD in its credit. I'm sure that I have to pay this back, but how soon? What are the consiquences if I can't pay it? I roamed the help for this topic but I coulden't find it so here I am. I orginally had -$49.99 but I sold some L$ to increase my cedit. Which is cool that I can pay back using L$. But can anyone give me details about it? Thanks, Zadd
  14. My avatar became a cloud so I did a test character to get it undone, and I try and look for my avatar parts, but it seems its completly missing. I even searched for it though the seach bar... it was something like "Uchi Cat" and basically it was a white cat avatar I had, but for some reasoin its completely missing... I'm so sad now... Is there any way I can get it back?
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