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  1. im from the uk. i'm 39 years old and i'm interested in japanese culture, history. i'm looking for japanese female friends aged 20 to 40. for language exchange and penpals ( ive been penpaling for 16 years) i have friends in japan in rl but they have busy lives of there own dont have much time to come into sl to chill and chat.
  2. ive been here since 2007. try it as i may i can't get my head around building and scripting. im still a noob when it comes to that. looking for friends who are good at building and scripting to help me with my building and scripting problems.
  3. i'm an 39 year old male who is into anime, manga, scifi, fantasy, exploring second life, roleplay. i'm either human, furry or neko. i'm looking for female friends to chill with from the US, europe, japan aged 20 to 40
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