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  1. I still use the old viewer, never could stand the new ones. Theyre cleaner looking, take up less space, easier (for me) to use. when i cant use it someday i guess ill have to sell my sim and move on:(
  2. Donny Devin

    new viewer

    THank you fpor the help.
  3. Donny Devin

    new viewer

    I meant viewer 1.23 which I still use, and the newer version 2. I dont like the new one much except for a couple apps that I found in SL that requires it .
  4. Donny Devin

    new viewer

    Thank you Marigold!
  5. Donny Devin

    new viewer

    It says downloading the new viewer wont remove my old (preferred) viewer fro m my comp. Can I go back and forth from each viewer easily?
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