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  1. "Naming and shaming does violate the Community Standards so it would put you at risk of being censored." Naming and shaming is certainly what she did to me...just not here.
  2. "More than likely this is nothing more than a bunch of B.S." I believe that...turns out pretty much everything about her was and IS lying B.S. Too bad I probably can't mention her name...
  3. I did report it...I think they just think of her as a nuisance and a liar. Pain in the butt that's for sure. I did create an alt...to get away from her...but she should not have discovered it without "help". She says a Linden told her about it, however she mentioned "other alts" whom I did not create. I dunno...I would think LL would look into it.
  4. When I called LL regarding this situation the person on the phone was well aware of this resident. They called her infamous for her reports. She maintains this LL employee is a "close friend". I would thiink LL would investigate this for any truth to it if she is indeed spreading this crap all over the grid. I quote her here, "I think you forgot about one thing i am close friends with a Linden and it was later confirmed for me they were your alts." Just seems she should be at least scold her for her BS even though I believe exactly what you say, LL doesn't get involved with inworld crap.
  5. I realize this could just be a lie, however she claims that it is true and that she can get information about users and any ALTS they may create. Does Linden Lab take this stuff seriously or do they just consider her an unimportant nuisance who lies? One cannot warn other folks about these type of people, but I would be interested to know if they know about her claiims.
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