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  1. Gaming traffic is yes and Lindens do it... so blow it off as being illegal. Just run a few AI bots in the SL or phionexs clients and alls good I gave 2 spots that reports do nothing to stop the camping (gaming traffic) I know of well over 57 that Linedns YES linden alts camp AND game traffic for... do some searching and you will find WAY more. I left SL pretty much because of this type of crap hell if I wanted to pull con jobs I could take a good 50K'l every 30 min from SL it ISNT hard I know of a few people that do.... non lindens that is... but NEVER for a second belive that lindens DONT camp and game traffic... that is a total LIE... just run a few bots and make some cash... but run your bots in the new SL clients or phionex they cant find yaz... have fun ;-)... or stay poor ;-/
  2. Searching camping its ALL over SL anyone that says its not is LYING thier butts off lol LL like ALWAYS isnt just lax... is LAME I'll list afew spots theres TONS of camp spots and Lindes YES lindens camp they lie and say they dont but tracking the MACs on every com[ponet int their system its a breeze to hunt them dont lol I'll list 2 spots... you find the rest... there 57 that I know of that linden alts camp at paying nothing less the 1/15 no max http://slurl.com/secondlife/KAMOGAWA/31/31/22 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fun%20Atoll/110/189/23 FInd the rest if ya can get atleat 50 of the spots I'll give ya 50k L's... but you HAVE to post them... and most wont lol
  3. You'll never get a credit when SL is down LOL its down far to often.. still in beta testing. It kinda sounds like it might be a windows error.. you'll have to go in manually and delet the rest of SL if you dont know or not sure of how to do it www.tune-up.com has a ROCKING fully working demo that will clear up any mess on a wondows platform.. I used the demo loved it so much I bought the full corp version for my networks. After ya run that then reinstall SL and ya should be good to go ;-)
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